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MGT621 : Administrative Law and Accountability

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Rehan Aziz Khan Sherwani

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S. No. Lesson 1 Introduction, 2 Kinds of Justice, 3 Court System of Pakistan, 4 Sources of Law & Delegated Legislation in Pakistan, 5 Interpretation of Statutory Law, 6 State’s Primary & Secondary Functions, 7 Definition of Constitution & Nature & Scope of Administrative Law, 8 Distinction between Administrative Law & Constitutional Law, 9 Rule of Law, 10 Rule of Natural Justice, 11 Administrative Adjudication, 12 Delegated legislation, 13 Controls & Safeguards as Regard Delegated Legislation, 14 Separation of Power, 15 Distinction between Administrative Functions, 16 Public Interest Litigation, 17 Introduction to Constitution, 18 Fundamental Right: Right to Life & Liberty, 19 Fundamental Right: Safeguards as to Arrest & Detention, 20 Fundamental Rights: Protection Against Double Punishment, 21 Fundamental Rights: Protection Against Self Incrimination, 22 Fundamental Right: Inviolability of Dignity of Man, 23 Fundamental Right: Inviolability of Dignity of Man and Privacy of Home, 24 Fundamental Rights: (1) Freedom of Movement etc. (2) Freedom of Assembly, 25 Fundamental Right: Freedom of Association, 26 Fundamental Right: (1) Freedom of Trade, Business or Profession (2) Safeguards Against Taxation for the Purposes of any Particular Religion, 27 Fundamental Right: Freedom of Speech, Expression and Press, 28 Fundamental Rights: (1) Freedom to Profess Religion & to Manage Religious Institutions (2) Safeguard as to educational institutions in respect of religion etc. (3) Right to acquire and dispose of property, 29 Fundamental Rights: (1) Protection of Property Rights (2) Non-Discrimination in Respect of Access to Public Places (3) Safeguard Against Discrimination in Services (4) Preservation of Language, Script & Culture, 30 Fundamental Rights: Equality of Citizens, 31 Administrative Tribunal, 32 Administrative Tribunal and Rules of Evidence & Procedure, 33 Judicial & Alternative Remedies against Administrative Action, 34 Kinds of Writ, 35 Judicial Review, 36 Ombudsman, 37 Definitions of Administrative Law, 38 Administrative Justice, 39 Administrative Process: Rule/Policy making, 40 Legislative Supremacy, 41 Non-Judicial Review; Non Adjudicative Control, 42 Tort Liability of Public Authority, 43 What is Negligence?, 44 The ‘But for’ test, 45 Defenses to Negligence.