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MGT621 : Administrative Law and Accountability

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Rehan Aziz Khan Sherwani

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Concept of Law, Philosophical definition of Law, Definitions of Justice, Court system of Pakistan, Sources of Law, precedents, Statutory Law, Delegated legislation, Concept of State, Rule of natural justice, Bias or interest, Administrative adjudication, Controls on Delegated Legislation, Pros and Cons of Delegated Legislation, Separation of Power, three pillars of State, distinctions between administrative functions, Public interest litigation, concept of Constitution, subjects of the constitution of Pakistan, objective resolution, Human rights, Right to life and liberty, Safeguard against preventive detention, Protection against self incrimination, Dignity of man and privacy at home, Freedom of association and assembly, Freedom of trade, freedom of expression, Freedom to profess religion, Right to acquire and dispose of property, Safeguard against discrimination.


Course Synopsis


In this course students will be able to understand the concept of Law and Justice, the basic principles that govern review of administrative action by courts and tribunals; the critical analysis of Judicial system; pillars of state, sources of legislation, Delegated Legislation, Administrative Adjudication, Constitution and its subjects, basic rights of the citizens of Pakistan.


Learning outcomes


This course is designed to provide learners an opportunity to engage in a scholarly and reflective analysis of the issues involved in cases coming before the

Courts more recently. These issues will be examined both from theoretical and practical dimensions.