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MGT621 : Administrative Law and Accountability

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

In this course students will be able to understand the concept of Law and Justice, the basic principles that govern review of administrative action by courts and tribunals; the critical analysis of Judicial system; pillars of state, sources of legislation, Delegated Legislation, Administrative Adjudication, Constitution and its subjects, basic rights of the citizens of Pakistan.

Course Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes:

  • This course is designed to provide learners an opportunity to engage in a scholarly and reflective analysis of the issues involved in cases coming before the Courts more recently. These issues will be examined both from theoretical and practical dimensions.

Course Calendar

Introduction (video 1-6)1Handouts1
Kinds of Justice (video 7-12)2Handouts4
Court System of Pakistan (video 13-18)3Handouts12
Sources of Law and delegated legislation in Pakistan (video 19-24)4Handouts17
Interpretation of statutory law (video 25-30)5Handouts28
State''s primary and secondary functions (video 31-36)6Handouts34
Definition of Constitution, nature and scope of Administrative Law (video 37-42)7Handouts39
Quiz No. 1
Distinction between administrative law and constitutional law (video 43-48)8Handouts43
Rule of Law (video 49-54)9Handouts46
Rule of Natural Justice (video 55-60)10Handouts48
Administrative Adjudication (video 61-66)11Handouts51
Delegated Legislation (video 67-72)12Handouts52
Controls and safeguards as regards delegated legislation (video 73-78)13Handouts57
GDB No. 1
Separation of Power (video 79-84)14Handouts61
Distiction between administrative functions (video 85-90)15Handouts65
Public Interest Litigation (video 91-96)16Handouts69
Introduction to constitution (video 97-102)17Handouts73
Fundamental Rights- Right to Life and Liberty (video 103-108)18Handouts77
Fundamental Rights- safeguard as to arrest and detention (video 109-114)19Handouts80
Fundamental Rights - Protection against double punishment (video 115-116)20Handouts83
Fundamental Rights- Protection against self incrimination (video 117-120)21Handouts85
Fundamental Rights - Inviolability of Dignity of Man (video 121-123)22Handouts87
Grand Quiz
Fundamental Rights - Privacy of Home (video 124-126)23Handouts89
Fundamental Rights- Freedom af Movement and Assembly (video 127-132)24Handouts91
Fundamental Rights - Freedom of Association (video 133-138)25Handouts93
Fundamental Right-----(1) Freedom of Trade,Business or Profession (2) Safeguards Against Taxation for the Purposes of any Particular Religion. (video 139-144)26Handouts97
Fundamental Right----Freedom of Speech, Expression and Press (video 145-150)27Handouts100
Assignment No. 1
Fundamental Rights--- (1) Freedom to Profess Religion & to Manage Religious Institutions (2) Safeguard as to educational institutions in respect of religion etc. (3) Right to acquire and dispose of property (video 151-156)28Handouts104
Fundamental Rights----(1) Protection of Property Rights (2) Non-Discrimination in Respect of Access to Public Places (3) Safeguard Against Discrimination in Services (4) Preservation of Language, Script (video 157-162)29Handouts108
Fundamental Rights---Equality of Citizens (video 163-168)30Handouts112
Administrative Tribunal (video 169-174)31Handouts115
Administrative Tribunal and Rules of Evidence & Procedure (video 175-180)32Handouts118
Judicial & Alternative Remedies against Administrative Action (video 181-186)33Handouts123
Kinds of Writ (video 187-192)34Handouts127
Judicial Review (video 193-198)35Handouts131
Ombudsman (video 199-204)36Handouts135
Definitions of Administrative Law (video 205)37Handouts139
Administrative Justice (video 206)38Handouts140
Administrative Process: Rule/ policy making (video 207)39Handouts141
Quiz No. 2
Legislative Supremacy (video 208)40Handouts143
Non-Judicial Review; Non Adjudicative Control (video 209)41Handouts144
Tort Liability of Public Authority (video 210)42Handouts146
What is Negligence? (video 211)43Handouts147
The ‘But for’ test (video 212)44Handouts149
Defenses to Negligence (video 213)45Handouts150
Final Term Examination
Disclaimer: This is the tentative plan and subject to change. However, students will be informed well before time via course announcement in case of any change.
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