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PAD603 : Governance, Democracy and Society

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Maryam Ahmad
MS in Public Policy
University of Management & Technology (UMT)

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Basic concepts of Governance, Democracy and Society, Key Actors of Governance, Elements of Democracy, Basic Features of Society, Historical Emergence of Governance, Types of Governance, Indicators of Governance, Different Perspectives of Governance, What is Globalization?, Good Governance, Characteristics of Good Governance, Background of Democracy, Elements, Types and Values of Democracy, Democratic Governance, Governance and Government, Governance in Pakistan, Civil Society, Benefits of Civil Society for Democracy, Democracy in Pakistan, Ethnicity, Ethnicity in Pakistan, Ethnicity and Democracy in Pakistan, What is Transparency?, Transparency in Democracy, What is Media?, Role of Media in Democracy, Relationship of Poverty and Governance, Economic Governance and Poverty in Pakistan, Human Security, Governance and Human Security, Role of Democracy for Human Security, Human Security in Pakistan, Human Rights and is Historical Background, Democracy and Human Rights, Significance of Good Governance in protection of Human Rights, Human Rights in Pakistan