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MGT301 : Principles of Marketing

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Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed
University of California, Riverside

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Simple Marketing System, Core Marketing Concepts, Marketing Functions & Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Historical Prospective Changes in Consumer Behavior, Key Marketing Philosophies, Marketing Challenges in 21 Century, Porter’s 5 Forces Model of Competition, Strategic Planning and Marketing Process, SWOT Analysis, Portfolio Management (BCG Growth Share Matrix), Marketing Environment Micro Environment, Macro Environment, Marketing Information System (MIS), Marketing Research, Consumer Buying Behavior, Business Markets and Buying Behavior, Market Segmentation, Marketing Mix, Product (The 1st P), New Product Development and Product Life Cycle, Pricing Approaches & Considerations (2nd P), Pricing Strategies, Price Adjustment and Price Changes, Distribution Channels (3rd P The Place), Logistics Management, Retailing and Wholesaling, Marketing Communication (4th P, The Promotion), Advertising & Sales Promotion, Selecting advertising media, Personal Selling, Sales Force Management, Direct, Public Relations (PR), Creating Competitive Advantage, Global Marketing, E – Marketing, Marketing and Society, Marketing in a Glance.