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MGT301 : Principles of Marketing

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Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Saleem Sandhu
PhD Management (SME Branding)
University of Management and Technology, Lahore

Course Contents

Topic-001 About the Course
Topic-002 Recommended Readings
Topic-003 How to Study?
Topic-004 Course Activities & Assessments 
Topic-005 Marketing and My Life
Topic-006 What is Marketing?          
Topic-007 Defining Marketing
Topic-008 Marketing Vocabulary I
Topic-009 Marketing Vocabulary II
Topic-010 Marketing As Demand Management 
Topic-011 Demand Situations
Topic-012 Marketing Orientations I
Topic-013 Marketing Orientations II
Topic-014 Defining Marketing Management   
Topic-015 Managing Customer Relationships
Topic-016 Capturing Customer Value
Topic-017 New Trends in Marketing
Topic-018 Changing Marketing Landscape 
Topic-019 How Does Marketing Work?
Topic-020 The Marketing Environment 
Topic-021 Marketing Micro Environment 
Topic-022 Actors of Microenvironment              
Topic-023 Publics I
Topic-024 Publics II
Topic-025 The Macroenvironment 
Topic-026 Demographic Environment
Topic-027 Economic Environment
Topic-028 Natural Environment
Topic-029 Technological Environment I                     
Topic-030 Technological Environment II 
Topic-031 Political Environment
Topic-032 Cultural Environment 
Topic-033 Responding to Environment 
Topic-034 Organization & Marketing Strategy 
Topic-035 Environment Analysis 
Topic 036 Internal Analysis    
Topic-037 Vision 
Topic-038 Mission 
Topic-039 Objectives 
Topic-040 Business Portfolio 
Topic-041 Portfolio Analysis, BCG Matrix  
Topic-042 Product-Market Expansion Grid    
Topic-043 Value Chain
Topic-044 Market Segmentation 
Topic-045 Managing Marketing Strategy 
Topic-046 Return on Marketing Investment 
Topic-047 Managing Marketing Information 
Topic-048 Internal data 
Topic-049 How does Marketing Information System Work?
Topic-050 Marketing Research Process
Topic-051 Types of Research 
Topic-052 Meaning of Data
Topic-053 Types of Research Techniques 
Topic-054 Different Contact Methods for Data Collection 
Topic-055 Consumer Buyer Behaviour
Topic-056 Characteristics Affecting Consumer Buyer Behaviour  
Topic-057 Cultural factors I
Topic-058 Cultural factors II
Topic-059 Social Class 
Topic-060 Social Factors 
Topic-061 Personal Factors 
Topic-062 Personality 
Topic-063 Psychological Factors 
Topic-064 Perception
Topic-065 Belief & Attitudes 
Topic-066 Types of Buyer Decision Behaviours 
Topic-067 Buyer Decision process 
Topic-068 Decision Process for New Products 
Topic-069 Influences on New Product Adoption 
Topic-070 Business Buyer Behaviour
Topic-071 Business Buying Process 
Topic-072 Influences on Business Buyer Behaviour
Topic-073 Types of Buying Situations 
Topic-074 Participants of Business Buying Process 
Topic-075 Buying in Businesses 
Topic-076 Institutional Markets 
Topic-077 Marketing in the Eyes of an Expert
Topic-078 Customer Driven Marketing Strategy 
Topic-079 Market Segmentation & Its Types 
Topic-080 Geographic Segmentation
Topic-081 Demographic Segmentation
Topic-082 Behavioural Segmentation
Topic-083 Segmenting Business Markets 
Topic-084 Requirements for Effective Segmentation
Topic-085 Market Targeting
Topic-086 Target Marketing Strategies 
Topic-087 Niche and Micro Marketing
Topic-088 Differentiation & Positioning
Topic-089 Value Proposition 
Topic-090 Product, Brands & Services 
Topic-091 Product Types  
Topic-092 Classification of Consumer Products 
Topic-093 Industrial Products 
Topic-094 What is a Product? 
Topic-095 Individual Product Decisions
Topic-096 Brand, Packaging & Labeling
Topic-097 Product Line
Topic-098 Brand & Branding I
Topic-099 Brand & Branding II
Topic-100 Brand Sponsorship
Topic-101 Brand Development Strategies   
Topic-102 Services Marketing
Topic-103 Service Profit Chain
Topic-104 New Product Development
Topic-105 New Product Development Process
Topic-106 New Product Failures
Topic-107 Product Life Cycle
Topic-108 Price & Pricing I
Topic-109 Price & Pricing II 
Topic-110 Factors Affecting Pricing I
Topic-111 Factors Affecting Pricing II
Topic-112 Pricing Methods I
Topic-113 Pricing Methods II
Topic-114 Special Pricing Concepts
Topic-115 Pricing Strategies 
Topic-116 Product Mix Pricing Strategies 
Topic-117 Price Adjustment Strategies 
Topic-118 Price Changes 
Topic-119 What is Promotion?
Topic-120 What is Promotion Mix? 
Topic-121 Advertising
Topic-122 Sales Promotion
Topic-123 Personal Selling                                     
Topic-124 Public Relations         
Topic-125 Direct & Digital Marketing    
Topic-126 Content Marketing
Topic-127 Integrated Marketing Communication                                 
Topic-128 Developing Effective Marketing Communication
Topic-129 AIDA Model 
Topic-130 Types of Promotion Appeals 
Topic-131 Media
Topic-132 Setting Promotion Budget 
Topic-133 Promotion Mix Strategies 
Topic-134 Concluding Promotion  
Topic-135 What is Place/Distribution?
Topic-136 Value Delivery Network
Topic-137 Intermediaries  
Topic-138 Value Adding by Channel Members   
Topic-139 Channel Levels 
Topic-140 Marketing Channel 
Topic-141 Multichannel Distribution System  
Topic-142 Types of Distribution
Topic-143 Channel Management Decisions
Topic-144 Sustainable Marketing 
Topic-145 Criticism of Marketing
Topic-146 Marketing''s Impact on Individual
Topic-147 Marketing''s Impact on Society
Topic-148 Consumerism
Topic-149 Environmentalism
Topic-150 Design for Environmentalism
Topic-151 Sustainable Marketing Principles
Topic-152 Deficient Products
Topic-153 Marketing Ethics 
Topic-154 Course Conclusion