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MGT301 : Principles of Marketing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course gives the students a comprehensive, innovative, managerial and practical introduction to marketing. Specifically, how to use the different concepts in developing marketing strategies and performing marketing analysis, Customer analysis, company analysis and competitor analysis. It also gives an insight to make students familiar with the concept of Marketing Mix (product, pricing,promotion, and distribution strategies) It also enhances the students problem solving and decision making abilities by learning how to leverage strategic marketing analysis to inform tactical marketing mix decisions while providing you with a comprehensive framework to evaluate marketing decisions and to create successful marketing initiatives. This course also expands your knowledge of the marketing industry while increasing your awareness of the strategic and tactical decisions behind today’s top performing brands.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Apply the basic principles and tools of marketing.
  • Discuss concepts, tools, and skills necessary in developing an effective marketing and implementation plan, with a particular emphasis on customer satisfaction
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the field of marketing and to integrate theoretical concepts with practical marketing problems.
  • Improve the ability to analyze marketing problems and provide implementable solutions.
  • Discuss the importance of critical marketing decision-making.
  • Know how to analyze markets and identify appropriate segmentation criteria to discover promising market niches.

Course Calendar

Overview of Course1Handouts1-4
Understanding Marketing and Marketing Process2Handouts5-12
Customer Relationship Management3Handouts13-16
Marketing in Historical Perspective and Evolution of Marketing4Handouts17-21
Marketing Challenges in the 21st Century5Handouts22-27
Strategic Planning and Marketing Process6Handouts28-31
Portfolio Analysis7Handouts32-35
Marketing Process8Handouts36-40
Marketing Environment9Handouts41-44
Quiz No.1
Marketing Macro Environment10Handouts45-48
Analyzing Marketing Opportunities and Developing Strategies11Handouts49-53
The Marketing Research Process12Handouts54-56
The Marketing Research Process13Handouts57-61
Consumer Buying Behavior14Handouts62-73
GDB No.1
Consumer Buying Behavior15Handouts62-73
Business Markets and Buying Behavior16Handouts74-81
Market Segmentation17Handouts82-85
Market Segmentation18Handouts86-90
Marketing Mix19Handouts91-84
New Product Development Process21Handouts100-105
Product Life- Cycle Stages and  Strategies22Handouts106-109
Mid Term Exam
Key Terms-Product: the 1st P of Marketing Mix23Handouts110-111
Price: The 2nd P of Marketing Mix24Handouts112-118
General Pricing Approaches25Handouts119-124
Price-Adjustment Strategies26Handouts125-128
Price Changes27Handouts129-131
Quiz No.2
Place: The 3rd P of Marketing Mix28Handouts132-140
Logistic Management29Handouts141-147
Retailing and Wholesaling30Handouts148-156
GDB No.1
Key Terms-Place the 3rd p of the Marketing Mix31Handouts157-158
Promotion: the 4th P of Marketing Mix32Handouts159-168
Sales Promotion34Handouts173-179
Personal Selling35Handouts180-184
Sales Force Management36Handouts185-188
Direct Marketing37Handouts189-194
Quiz No.3
Public Relations38Handouts195-197
Key Terms-4th P (Promotion)39Handouts198-199
Creating Competitive Advantage40Handouts200-205
Global Marketing41Handouts206-211
Marketing and Society43Handouts215-219
Final Term Exam
***This is tentative pre-mid schedule, any change, if made, will be intimated via announcement.
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