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MKT625 : Services Marketing

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MGT301, MKT501, MKT530


Waseem Ahsan
MBA(Marketing); MBA(Information Systems Technology)
Punjab University Lahore; The George Washington University Washington D.C.

Course Contents

Introduction, Types of Services, The Services Triangle, Classification of Services, Marketing Mix of Services, Provider Gap and the Customer Gap. The Three Phases of Purchase Process (Pre Purchase Phase, Encounter Phase and post Purchase Phase) The Model of Consumer Expectations, Satisfaction and Dimensions of Quality, Filling Gap1--- Marketing Research, Filling Gap1---Relationship Marketing, Filling Gap1---Segmentation, Filling Gap1--Recovery, Guarantees, Filling Gap2--Service Design, Filling Gap2--Blue Printing, Filling Gap2---Operational Position, Filling Gap2--Job Design Process, Filling Gap2-- Values and Standards, Filling Gap2--Physical evidence, Filling Gap3--People & conflicts, Filling Gap3--Strategies for Closing Gap3, Filling Gap3--Distribution Management, Filling Gap3-- Demand Management, Filling Gap4--Managing Promises and Expectations, Filling Gap4-- Customer Education & IMC, Pricing & Performance Measurements.