MCD501 : TV Direction

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Mass Communication

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Laeeq Ahmed, Iqbal Ansari, Sarmad Sultan Khoosat

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Television Programming (viewer's choice), Director's understanding of script, Director's Art (value addition, skills, observation), Selection of Shot, Production Package (color, costume, wardrobe), Production Team (team work, team selection), Production Management (hidden problems, discipline), Program's Ultimate Objectives, Branding a Production (market effect), Code of Ethics (ideas, concept, freedom, fear), Good Script, Story Tracks, Script Development Stages, Dialogue Writing, Standard Pace of Script, Art of Story Telling, Drama Genres, Success of a Story, Learn to Act, Star System, Background Music Production Crew, Script Interpretation, Importance of Lighting, Technical Advancements, Characterization, Casting, Shot Divisioning, Reading Practices, Television Director / Producer, Talent Hunt (3 types of actors), Casting - Market Effect (Star System), Drama Background Music