MCD502 : Script Writing

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Mass Communication

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Amjid Islam Amjid, Anwar Maqsood, Zafar Meraj, Sarmad Sultan Khoosat & Muhammad Younis Butt

Course Contents

Development of Human Civilization, Development of Social Fabric, Development of Infrastructure, Story Telling & Performing Art, Expansion of Drama Culture, History of Drama, Drama Culture, Drama in Subcontinent, Medium of Drama Presentation, Concept Development, Development of an Idea, Concept of a story, Formats of Story Presentation, Writing for Television, Ingredients of Script, Story Writing, Techniques of story writing, Story Presentation, Script Development Stages, A Good Script, Good Script, Elements of a TV Drama Script, Factors of a good story, Drama Story Treatment, Backdrop in Drama, Credibility of backdrop, Backdrop in Radio Drama, Controversial subjects, Drama Writing Principles (ideas, adaptation), Drama Writing Principles, Tracks of a story, Multi-track story, Traditional TV drama, Writer Destination, Writer Portfolio, Writer skills, Introduction of the Drama Character, characterization Names, Characterization (naming of characters), Characterization Build-up, Features of Drama Character, Characterization, Types of Characters , Characterization, Modeling of Characters, Conceving a character, Method Actors, Dialogue Writing, Dialogue Writing Principles., Characterization-Dialect, Dialogues as per the Characters, Dialogues as per the Scene, Script Division, Adaptation, Adaptation, Adaptation Problems, Writer's Script, Adaptation Skills, Adaptation for Television, Writing skills, Story Telling, Television & Radio Comedy, Writing for Comedy, Satire & Humor, Sitcom and satire writing skills, Stage Comedy, Satire writing, Comedy Shows, Story of uncle Sargam, Comedy Writing, Film Comedy, Title of the Story (sensitive topic), Pace of a story, Standard pace of the script, Length of Play, Viewer Choice, Changing trends in drama writing, Drama Writing-Changing trends, Aspiring writers, Success of a Story, Producer/Director/Writer/Actor Coordination, Story Writing, Copyright (ethics, legal protection), Components of a Story, Script Terminologies, Ethics & Values