MCD502 : Script Writing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

A successful TV production entirely depends upon the fact that how beautifully it has been written down. Scriptwriting holds an essential place in the field of television production. This course aims at equipping the students with the necessary Do’s of a good piece of writing. Whether it is drama or film, comedy or tragedy, strong script will leave strong impact on its viewers. Through this course, students will be able to grab comprehensive knowledge on script wring through renowned professionals in a very practical way.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Compose basic scripts in a variety of formats for electronic media.
  • Determine the techniques being applied in modern script writing.
  • Understand the various aspects of creative writing.
  • Develop a sense of storytelling, particularly for television.

Course Calendar

1 Development of Human Civilization
2 Development of Social Fabric
3 Development of Infrastructure
4 Story Telling & Performing Art
5 Expansion of Drama Culture
6 History of Drama
7 Drama Culture
8 Drama in Subcontinent
9 Medium of Drama Presentation
10 Concept Development
11 Development of an Idea
12 Concept of a story
13 Formats of Story Presentation
14 Writing for Television
15 Ingredients of Script
16 Story Writing
Quiz 1
17 Techniques of story writing
18 Story Presentation
19 Script Development Stages
20 A Good Script
21 Good Script
22 Elements of a TV Drama Script
23 Factors of a good story
24 Drama Story Treatment
25 Backdrop in Drama
26 Credibility of backdrop
27 Backdrop in Radio Drama
28 Controversial subjects
29 Drama Writing Principles (ideas, adaptation)
30 Drama Writing Principles.
31 Tracks of a story
32 Multi-track story
33 Traditional TV drama
34 Writer Destination
35 Writer Portfolio
Quiz 2
36 Writer skills
37 Introduction of the Drama Character
38 characterization Names
39 Characterization (naming of characters)
40 Characterization Build-up
41 Features of Drama Character
42 Characterization.
43 Types of Characters
44 characterization
45 Modeling of Characters
46 Conceving a character
47 Method Actors
48 Dialogue Writing
Mid Exam
49 Dialogue Writing Principles.
50 Characterization-Dialect
51 Dialogues as per the Characters
52 Dialogues as per the Scene
53 Script Division
54 Adaptation
55 Adaptation II
56 Adaptation Problems
57 Writer's Script
58 Adaptation Skills
59 Adaptation for Television
60 Writing skills
61 Story Telling
62 Television & Radio Comedy
63 Writing for Comedy
64 Satire & Humor
65 Sitcom and satire writing skills
66 Stage Comedy
67 Satire writing
68 Comedy Shows
69 Story of uncle Sargam
70 Comedy Writing
Quiz 3
71 Film Comedy
72 Title of the Story (sensitive topic).
73 Pace of a story
74 Standard pace of the script
75 Length of Play
76 Viewer Choice
77 Changing trends in drama writing
78 Drama Writing-Changing trends
79 Aspiring writers
80 Success of a Story
Quiz 4
81 Producer/Director/Writer/Actor Coordination
82 Story Writing.
83 Copyright (ethics, legal protection)
84 Components of a Story
85 Script Terminologies
86 Ethics & Values
Final Exam