MCM101 : Introduction to Mass Communication

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Mass Communication

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Shaukat Ali
M.A. (Mass Communication)

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1. Mass Communication – An Overview 2. Early Mass Communication and Printing Technology 3. Seven Centuries of Mass Communication – From Printing to Computer 4. Elements of Communication and Early Communication Models 5. Communication Models – Graphic Presentation of Complex Issues 6. Types and Forms of Communication 7. Message – Root of Communication I 8. Message – Root of Communication II 9. Effects of Communication 10. Communication and Culture 11. Language in Communication 12. Stereotyping – A Typical Hurdle in Mass Communication 13. Mass Media – Historical Perspective 14. Emergence of Print Media around the World 15. Telegraph does miracle in distance communication 16. Types of Print Media 17. Press Freedom, Laws and Ethics – New Debate Raging still Hard 18. Industrialization of Print Processes 19. Effects of Print Media on Society 20. Advertising – Hand in Hand with Media 21. Renaissance and Scientific Revolution: Role of Print Media 22. Recap 23. Media Management 24. Images in Mass Communication – Invention of Photography 25. Motion Pictures – A New Way in Mass Communication-I 26. Motion Pictures – A New Way in Mass Communication-II 27. Film Media in Subcontinent and Pakistan-I 28. Film Media in Subcontinent and Pakistan (Ii) & Its Effects 29. Propaganda 30. Radio – A Breakthrough in Mass Communication 31. Effects of Radio on Society 32. Television – A New Dimension in Mass Communication 33. TV in Pakistan 34. Effects of Television on Society 35. Public Relations and Mass Communication – I 36. Public Relations and Mass Communication – II 37. Advertising beyond Print Media 38. Impact of Advertising 39. Media Theories 40. New Media in Mass Communication 41. Globalization of Media 42. Media Mergence 43. Mass Media in Present Age 44. Criticism on Media 45. Recap