MCM101 : Introduction to Mass Communication

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Mass Communication

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Shaukat Ali
M.A. (Mass Communication)

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What's communication? Elements of communication, Forms & Types of communication, Importance of communication, Process of communication, Models of communication, What's message? Characteristics of message ,Effects of communication, Communication and culture, Effective communication, Obstacles in communication, Media of Mass communication, Telegraph, Telephone ,Emergence of mass media, Print media as a medium of mass communication, Effects of printing press, Renaissance, Industrialization, Mass circulation press, Effects on society, Rules and regulations on print media, Management issues, Film as a medium of mass communication, Propaganda – First and Second World Wars Radio as a medium of mass communication, Development of radio, Television as a medium of mass communication, Effects of TV on society, Television in Pakistan, Public Relations Advertising, Theories of Mass Communication, Globalization of media, Consolidation and convergence of media, Mass communication in the present era, New media and democracy.