MCM101 : Introduction to Mass Communication

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Mass Communication

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Shaukat Ali
M.A. (Mass Communication)

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Mass Communication – An Overview, Early Mass Communication and Printing Technology, Seven Centuries of Mass Communication – From Printing to Computer, Elements of Communication and Early Communication Models, Communication Models – Graphic Presentation of Complex Issues, Types and Forms of Communication, Message – Root of Communication I, Message – Root of Communication II, Effects of Communication, Communication and Culture, Language in Communication , Stereotyping – A Typical Hurdle in Mass Communication, Mass Media – Historical Perspective, Emergence of Print Media around the World, Telegraph does miracle in distance communication, Types of Print Media, Press Freedom, Laws and Ethics – New Debate Raging still Hard, Industrialization of Print Processes, Effects of Print Media on Society, Advertising – Hand in Hand with Media, Renaissance and Scientific Revolution: Role of Print Media, Recap, Media Management , Images in Mass Communication – Invention of Photography, Motion Pictures – A New Way in Mass Communication-I, Motion Pictures – A New Way in Mass Communication (Cont...), Film Media in Subcontinent and Pakistan-I, Film Media in Subcontinent and Pakistan (Ii) & Its Effects, Propaganda , Radio – A Breakthrough in Mass Communication , Effects of Radio on Society, Television – A New Dimension in Mass Communication, TV in Pakistan , Effects of Television on Society, Public Relations and Mass Communication - I, Public Relations and Mass Communication - II, Advertising beyond Print Media , Impact of Advertising, Media Theories, New Media in Mass Communication, Globalization of Media, Media Mergence, Mass Media in Present Age, Criticism on Media, Recap