MCM101 : Introduction to Mass Communication

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course aims to define communication its types and its importance in the society. After studying this course, students will be able to trace out the origin and development of the various means of mass communication. The focus will be on learning the basic models and theories of mass communication. Moreover it also throws light on the various branches of mass communication and their functioning like Pubic Relations and Advertising. The spotlight is also on today’s mass communication gadgets and how these have changed the meaning of communication for us. Students will study the history and development of TV, Radio and internet and their consequent effects on the society with special reference to subcontinent.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Generally trace the evolution of mass communication from its earliest beginnings to the modern age.
  • Compare the mass media of various times and various societies.
  • Distinguish among several media forms.
  • Examine and critique different positions regarding major issues surrounding media and culture in society
  • Tackle media in a critical way that engages them, not just as media consumers, but as citizens with a responsibility and a stake in how media operate.

Course Calendar

1 Mass Communication – An Overview
2 Early Mass Communication and Printing Technology
3 Mass Communication – From Printing to Computer

4 Elements of Communication and Communication Models
5 Communication Models – Graphic Presentation of Complex Issues
6 Types and Forms of Communication

7 Message – Root of Communication
8 Message – Root of Communication Ii
Quiz 1
9 Effects of Communication

10 Communication and Culture
11 Language in Communication
12 Stereotyping – A Typical Hurdle in Mass Communication

13 Mass Media – Historical Perspective
14 Emergence of Print Media around the World
15 Telegraph does miracle in distance communication

16 Types of Print Media
17 Press Freedom, Laws and Ethics
Quiz 2
18 Industrialization of Print Processes

19 Effects of Print Media on Society
20 Advertising – Hand in Hand with Media
21 Renaissance and Scientific Revolution: Role of Print Media

22 Recap
Mid Semester Examination
23 Media Management
24 Invention of Photography

25 Motion Pictures
26 Motion Pictures – A New Way in Mass Communication (Cont...)
27 Film Media in Subcontinent and Pakistan

28 Film Media in Subcontinent and Pakistan (Ii) & Its Effects
29 Propaganda
30 Radio –A Breakthrough in Mass Communication
Quiz 3

31 Effects of Radio on Society
32 Television – A New Dimension in Mass Communication
33 TV in Pakistan

34 Effects of Television on Society
35 Public Relations and Mass Communication
36 Public Relations and Mass Communication - II

37 Advertising beyond Print Media
38 Impact of Advertising
Quiz 4
39 Media Theories

40 New Media
41 Globalization of Media
42 Media Mergence

43 Mass Media in Present Age
44 Criticism on Media
45 Overview
End Semester Examination