MCM301 : Communication skills

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Mass Communication

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ENG101, ENG201, MCM101


Professor Muhammad Nazim
M.Sc.Inorganic Chemistry
Government College, Punjab University, Lahore

Course Contents

Communication, Levels of Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Communication in the Organization, Communication Destination, Listening, Improving your Listening Skills, Nonverbal Communication, Barriers to Communication, Overcoming Communication Barriers, Speech, Selecting a Topic, Thesis Statement, Introduction of the speech, Body of Speech, Modes of Delivery, Strategic Oral Delivery, Making a Good Speech, Handling Questions and Answers, Responding Questions and Answers, Significance of the Setting, Visual Aids, Group Communication, Elements of Effective Written Communication , Preparing for Effective Business Writing, Parts of Business Letter, Direct Request- Letters, Good Newsletters, Disappointing Newsletters, Writing Persuasive Message, Writing Resumes.