MCM301 : Communication skills

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The course is devised with content, methodologies, and skills of effective communication. It will introduce the importance of effective written and oral communication skills in order to both clarify ideas and communicate them to others. It gives knowledge and understanding of persuasion/debate skills, such as logical reasoning and argument; and conflict management skills (interpersonal/group/organizational), such as negotiation. It offers a thorough understanding of process of communication, overcoming barriers to communication, interpersonal communication, group communication, making a good speech, developing listening skills, handling and responding questions and answers, preparing for effective business writing, writing persuasive message and resume writing.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Comprehend how communication works as a complex two-way interaction that uses a variety of symbols, styles, and channels to transmit messages.
  • Conclude the consequences of poor communication and how to avoid it through open communication and fixing communication breakdowns.
  • Develop active listening and responding skills, tailoring discussion to the audience, and being aware of body language which will help to engage effectively with others.
  • Adopt formal presentation skills, including the confidence and skills to present in a seminar environment.
  • Plan their negotiations and become familiar with best practices.

Course Calendar

Levels of communication2Handouts
Interpersonal  communication3Handouts
Communication in the Organization: Guiding Principles4Handouts
Communication Destination5Handouts
Improving your  Listening skills7Handouts
Nonverbal communication8Handouts
Barriers to communication9Handouts
Assignment no: 01
Barriers to communication (continued)10Handouts
Overcoming communication barriers11Handouts
Selecting a topic13Handouts
Thesis statement14Handouts
Introduction of Speech15Handouts
Quiz 1
Body of Speech16Handouts
Modes of Delivery17Handouts
Strategic Oral Delivery18Handouts
Making a Good Speech19Handouts
Quiz no: 02
Handling Questions and Answers20Handouts
Responding Questions & Answers21Handouts
Significance of the Setting22Handouts
Mid term exams
Visual Aids23Handouts
Visual Aids(continued)24Handouts
Group Communication25Handouts
Elements of Effective written Communication26Handouts
Elements of Effective written Communication (continued)27Handouts
Elements of Effective written Communication (continued)28Handouts
Preparing for Effective Business Writing29Handouts
Preparing for Effective Business Writing (continued)30Handouts
Quiz 03
Preparing for Effective Business Writing (continued)31Handouts
Parts of Business Letters32Handouts
Assignment no: 02
Direct Request Letters33Handouts
Direct Request Letters (Continued)34Handouts
Direct Request Letters (Continued)35Handouts
Good Newsletters36Handouts
Quiz no: 04
Disappointing Newsletters37Handouts
Disappointing Newsletters (continued)38Handouts
Disappointing Newsletters (continued)39Handouts
Writing Persuasive Message40Handouts
Quiz no: 05
Writing Persuasive Message (Continued)41Handouts
Writing Persuasive Message (Continued)42Handouts
Writing Resume43Handouts
Writing Resume (continued)44Handouts
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