MCM304 : Mass Media in Pakistan

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Mass Communication

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MCM101, MCM311, MCM515


Syed Mohammed Mehdi
PhD Mass Communication
Punjab University

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Evolution of mass media, Print media in the sub-continent, Mass media after independence & ayub khan’s era, Role of Pakistani mass media in Ayub Khan’s era, Changes in mass media in Ayub’s era and its impacts, Role of mass media in general Yahya’s era and its result, Expected role of mass media in crisis of 1971, Mass media after the crisis of 1971, Mass media in the era of 1977 to 1988, Mass media in the era of 1988 to 1999, Pakistan towards press freedom, Role of print media after 2000, Print media in Pakistan, Newspaper Content, New trends of journalism in Pakistan, Magazine journalism, News agency, Press and government, State of media in different societies, Radio broadcasting, Radio in Pakistan, Radio and development communication, Loud speakers, Audio cassettes & tape recorders, Television and VCR, Pakistan television, Impact of television on society, War and television, Regulation of television, Effects of global culture on our culture, Motion picture/ film, Pakistan film industry, Computer – a medium of mass communication, Importance of mass media, Effect of other organizations on mass media and its performance.