MCM304 : Mass Media in Pakistan

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course will help students to find out the role of media in different eras starting from the day of independence up till now. The focus will be on both the positive and negative aspects of mass media, how it develops after passing through various hardships. Students will study the history and development of TV, Radio and Internet and their consequent effects on the society. Moreover, students will come to know the relations between government and media during different times. It will also throw light on the evolution of various media starting from print to electronic media along with its effects on the society.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Outline political, cultural and economic forces influential in the history and landscape of journalism in Pakistan.
  • Compare and contrast the systems, policies and values of media environments in Pakistan with the developed world.
  • Identify the position of Pakistani media in a changing and globalizing media landscape.

Course Calendar

Evolution of Mass Media1Handouts1
Emergence & Role Of Print Media In The Sub-Continent2Handouts2
Mass Media After Independence & Ayub Khan’s Era3Handouts3
Role Of Pakistani Mass Media In Ayub Khan’s Era4Handouts4
Changes In Mass Media In Ayub’s Era And Its Impacts5Handouts5
Role Of Mass Media In General Yahya’s Era And Its Result6Handouts6
Expected Role Of Mass Media In Crisis Of 19717Handouts7
Quiz 01
Role Of Mass Media After The Crisis Of 19718Handouts8
Role Of Mass Media In The Era Of 1977 To 19889Handouts
Role Of Mass Media In The Era Of 1977 To 1988 II10Handouts
Role Of Mass Media In The Era Of 1988 To 199911Handouts12
Pakistan Towards Press Freedom12Handouts13
Role Of Print Media After 200013Handouts
Quiz 02
The Present Situation Of Print Media In Pakistan14Handouts16
Newspaper Contents And Changes In It Over The Period Of Time15Handouts17
New Trends Of Journalism In Pakistan16Handouts18
Assignment 01
Magazine Journalism17Handouts
News Agency18Handouts
Press And Government I19Handouts26
Press And Government II20Handouts
Press And Government III21Handouts
Press And Government IV22Handouts
Quiz 03
Midterm Exam
Radio Broadcasting – A Big Development In Mass Communication24Handouts
Radio In Pakistan25Handouts43
Radio In Pakistan II26Handouts
Radio Pakistan – Services And Formats27Handouts
Radio And Development Communication28Handouts
Loud Speakers, Audio Cassettes & Tape Recorders29Handouts
Quiz 04
Television And VCR31Handouts
Pakistan Television32Handouts
Assignment 02
Impact Of Television On Society33Handouts
Impact Of Television On Society II34Handouts
War and Television35Handouts
Regulation of Television36Handouts
Effects Of Global Culture On Our Culture37Handouts
Motion Picture/ Film38Handouts
Pakistan Film Industry39Handouts82
Downfall Of Pakistan Film Industry And Emergence Of Commercial Theatre40Handouts
Exploitation Of Film As A Medium Of Communication41Handouts
Quiz 05
Computer – A Medium Of Mass Communication42Handouts
Impact Of Computer Technology43Handouts
Importance Of Mass Media44Handouts
Effect Of Other Organizations On Mass Media And Its Performance45Handouts
Final term exams
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