MCM310 : Journalistic Writing

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Mass Communication

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ENG101, ENG201, MCM101


Mr. Imran Anjum Ch.

Course Contents

Introduction to journalistic writings, Why writing skills are viewed as crucial, Writer as a communicator,Difference between speaking and writing, Qualities and the concerns of a good writer, Qualities of good writing, Principles of effective and meaningful writing, Journalistic Writing Process: Inventing and Collecting, Organizing, Drafting, Revising, and Proofreading, Journalist’s Word Choices, Dictionary – a Writer’s Language Tool, Grammatical Sentence: Parts of speech, Basic clause pattern, Active and Passive voices, Modifiers, Sentence types, Reported speech, Subject verb agreement, Problems with pronouns, Adjective and adverbs, sentence fragments, comma splices and fused sentences, An effective sentence: Unity, Coherence, Emphasis, Parallelism, needed words, Shifts, Choppy sentences, Sentence variety, Style – Guidelines and Pitfalls, Paragraph writing: Unity, coherence and development in a paragraph, Simple listing paragraphs, Time-order paragraphs; spatial order paragraphs; multiple composition paragraph, Essay writing: Essay and High Impact Language, Signal Words (transitions) for text’s organizational structure, The writing styles: Expository and report writing, Descriptive and narrative writing, Persuasive writing, Research writing and documenting sources – APA and MLA, Summarizing and Précis writing, Punctuation, Mechanics, Reading skills for writers, The language of newspapers, The language of newspapers, News writing, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Column writing, Article writing, Writing Analysis, Writing letters to editors, Broadcast and Web news writing, Writing press release, reviews and obituaries, The art of interviews.