MCM310 : Journalistic Writing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Journalistic writing is a preparatory course designed to develop writing and editing skills specifically. We will concentrate on such language skills concerns as spelling, vocabulary, eliminating wordiness and trite expressions, using verbs correctly and effectively, distinguishing between words that are sometimes hyphenated or used as one or two words, syntax, grammar, punctuation, style, and editing. The course will help students in developing and enhancing the capabilities of writing in journalistic mode.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Write effective paragraphs, memos, reports, letters, columns, articles, editorial, feature, documentary, press releases, reviews, interviewing skills, obituaries and other pieces of writing.
  • Know how to mutate and mold rough draft of writing after applying the good editorial and proofreading skills.
  • Apply their knowledge of a range of basic tools and techniques to assist at each stage of the planning, production and delivery.
  • Know how to handle complex issues of writing and putting the ideas onto paper in form of editorial, review, columns, obituaries or newspaper policy.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Journalistic Writing1Handouts2-4
Qualities of Good Writers I2Handouts5-6
Qualities of Good Writers II3Handouts7-8
Qualities of good writings I4Handouts9-12
Qualities of good writings II5Handouts13-14
The process of writing I6Handouts15-17
Quiz no: 01
The process of writing II7Handouts17-20
Assignment 01
All about words8Handouts21-28
Dictionary-A Writing’s Language tool9Handouts29-31
Part of Speech10Handouts32-37
Basic Clause Patterns11Handouts38-39
Active and passive voice12Handouts40-43
Modifier and sentence types13Handouts44-46
Quiz no: 02
Reported Speech14Handouts47-49
Grammatical sentence-issue15Handouts50-52
Grammatical sentence-issue II16Handouts53-55
Effective Sentences17Handouts56-58
Style: Guidelines and pitfalls I18Handouts59-60
Style: Guidelines and pitfalls II19Handouts61-63
Quiz no: 03
Paragraph Writing: types and techniques20Handouts64-66
Paragraph Writing: types and techniques21Handouts67-70
Essay Writing22Handouts70-76
Mid term exams
Signal Words23Handouts77-82
Expository Writing24Handouts83-88
The Writing Style: Report and Narrative writing25Handouts89-90
The Writing Style: Descriptive and Persuasive writings26Handouts91-99
Research Writing and Documenting sources27Handouts100-104
Assignment 02
Summary and précis Writing28Handouts105-109
Reading skills for writers31Handouts119-122
Quiz No 4
Parts of Newspaper,The language of Newspaper32Handouts123-124
The language of news paper II33Handouts125-129
News writing and style I34Handouts130-132
Graded Discussion Board
News writing II35Handouts133-136
Editorial Writing36Handouts137-140
Writing features37Handouts141-149
Writing Column38Handouts150-156
Writing articles of newspapers39Handouts157-158
Quiz no: 05
Writing analysis40Handouts159-161
Letters to editors41Handouts162-165
Broadcast and web news writing42Handouts166-176
Writing press releases, reviews and obituaries43Handouts177-184
The art of interviewing44Handouts185-187
Final Thoughts45Handouts188
Final Term Examinations
Note: This is tentative schedule , any changes, if made, will be intimated via announcement.
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