MCM311 : Reporting and Sub-Editing

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Mass Communication

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Sarwar Munir Rao
M.A. Journalism, M.A. Political Science
Punjab University, Lahore.

Course Contents

An Introduction to News, News and journalism, Categories of News, Components of news, News values, Elements of News, News Sources, Reporting, Types of reporting, Professional and ethical standards, Interviewing, Lead Journalistic Style Winning reader’s confidence, Keeping up-to-date, Reporting Beats, Introduction to Sub-Editing, Role and Duties of Sub Editor, Part of speech, Abbreviation, Capitals, Active/Passive Voice, Figures, Italics, Punctuation, Clichés and Journalese, Collective Nouns, Danglers, Confusables, Numbers, Measures, Names, Titles, Words/Importance of words, Editing Tips, Writing Headline Layout, pictures and Caption , Words operation and practice, News Room, Terminologies