MCM311 : Reporting and Sub-Editing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course in mainly divided into two major sections; In the first section, the focus will be on the significance of ‘news’ as a basic component of newspaper, as well as the role of a reporter with reference to his professional qualities, duties, achievements, failures, skills and working conditions, Whereas the second section concentrates on the responsibilities and working of a sub editor in newspaper. In this context, students will study about all the major tasks performed by the sub editor from analyzing the news story and re writing it with corrections to giving it an appropriate headline. Students will also be taught the correct usage of English, tenses, contextual interpretation of words, punctuation''s, proverbial and other essential English related issues that have the potential to affect the meaning of a particular news report.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Use practically the terminologies of print and online publishing industries
  • Recognize typographic principles
  • Comprehend ethical and legal implications of copyright
  • Demonstrate competence in use of page layout, image editing and Web design software
  • Identify appropriate communication styles and formats for print and Web publications
  • Demonstrate competence in designing simple examples of print and online publications
  • Apply journalistic principles of headline and caption writing, news story placements and image use

Course Calendar

1 Introduction to News Reporting
2 Introduction to News
3 What is News
4 News Cycle
5 Elements of News
6 Sources of News I
7 Sources of News II
8 Sources of News III
9 Reporter I (Definition of Reporter)
10 Reporter II (Classification of Reporters)
Quiz 1
11 General Reporting I
12 General Reporting II
13 General Reporting III
Assignment 1
14 Beats Reporting I
15 Beats Reporting II
16 Beats Reporting III
Quiz 2
18 Beats Reporting V
19 Beats Reporting VI (SPORTS REPORTING)
20 Beats Reporting VII (REPORTING BEATS)
21 Conflict Reporting I
22 Conflict Reporting II
Mid term exams
23 Conflict Reporting III
24 Investigative Reporting I
25 Investigative Reporting II
26 Investigative Reporting III
27 Parliament Reporting I
28 Parliament Reporting II
31 Television Reporting
32 Interview I
33 Interview II
34 Interview III
35 Interview IV
36 Press Conference
37 Code of Ethics I
38 Cod of Ethics II
39 Editing I
40 Editing II
41 Editing III
42 Editing IV
43 Editing V
44 Editing VI
45 Editing VII