MCM401 : Fundamentals of Public Relations

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Mass Communication

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MCM301, MGT111


Dr. Mohammad Tariq Bucha
Ph.D. (Public Relations & Marketing)
University of the Punjab

Course Contents

Introduction & Brief History ,How Does PR Work, Publics of PR, Planning, Public Relations Programmes, Medias of PR, Press Relations in PR, Special Uses of Public Relations, Budgeting in PR, Public Relations Problems, Methods of Communication, PR in Various Organizations, PR in Labor Unions & Religious Groups, PR in Educational Institutions & in Media Channels, Using Advertising for PR Communication, Role of Public Relations in Marketing, Public Relations and Corporate Structure, E-PR & its Tools, Sponsorship—An Important PR Tool, House Journals, Crisis Management In PR, Advertising in PR, International Public Relations, Public Relations Consultancy, Public Relation’s Role in Market Education, Modern Day Values of PR, Choice of Media For PR Campaign, PR Techniques, Designing PR Campaigns, Public Opinion, Public Relations and Research, Persuasion & Communication Theories, Communication Concepts & Theories, Public Relations & Law, Public Relations & Case Studies, PR And Printing Processes, Public Speaking -- A PR Tool, PR -- Coping With Unexpected