MCM401 : Fundamentals of Public Relations

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course endeavors to introduce the multidimensional understanding of Public Relations not only as defined but also as practiced. The main focus will be on describing various Public Relations tools, their importance and guidelines for using them effectively. Students will be introduced to the basics of public relations writing including the concepts of good writing, techniques for persuasive writing and finding and generating newsworthy information. They will study the do’s and don’ts of writing media releases for the print and electronic media, feature articles, newsletters and speeches. The course will also highlight the importance and utility of conducting research in Public Relations.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the basic process of public relations and be able to plan and implement strategic public relations programs
  • Know how to use communication strategies to achieve organizational goals
  • Elaborate audience analysis, effective persuasion and the tools of the trade
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and apply the professional code of ethics for public relations practitioners.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of communication theory and its application to written public relations documents.

Course Calendar

Introduction & brief history1Handouts3
How does pr work?2Handouts8
Public relations distinguished.3Handouts11
Publics of pr4Handouts14
Planning public relations programs5Handouts17
Medias of pr6Handouts19
Press relations in pr7Handouts22
Created private media8Handouts27
Special uses of public relations9Handouts28
Quiz 1
Budgeting in pr10Handouts30
Public relations problems11Handouts32
Methods of communicationHandouts34
Pr in various organizations13Handouts36
Pr in labor unions & religious groups14Handouts39
Assignment 01
Pr in educational institutions & in media channels15Handouts41
Using advertising for p r communication16Handouts44
Role of public relations in marketing17Handouts46
Public relations and corporate structure18Handouts48
E-pr & its tools19Handouts50
Sponsorship—an important pr tool20Handouts52
House journals21Handouts55
Crisis management in pr22Handouts58
Grand Quiz 2
Advertising in pr23Handouts61
International public relations24Handouts65
Public relations consultancy25Handouts68
Public relation’s role in market education26Handouts70
Modern day values of pr27Handouts72
Choice of media for pr campaign28Handouts75
Pr techniques29Handouts76
Designing pr campaigns30Handouts78
Public opinion31Handouts80
Quiz 3
Public relations and research32Handouts82
Pr and research33Handouts84
Problems solving strategies34Handouts87
Persuasion & communication theories35Handouts89
Communication concepts & theories36Handouts91
Public relations & law37Handouts93
Public relations & case studies38Handouts95
Pr and printing processes39Handouts98
Public speaking -- a pr tool40Handouts101
Pr -- coping with unexpected41Handouts104
Dreams & realities of pr42Handouts106
Changing into overdrive43Handouts105
Getting on with pr44Handouts109
Fundamentals of a successful newsletter45Handouts111
Final Term
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