MCM404 : Globalization of Media

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Mass Communication

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Mr. Javed Jabbar
M.S. International Relations
Karachi University

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The unique nature of Pakistani nation-state, Pakistan the first 11 year 1947-1958, From new hopes to shattered dreams: 1958-1971, Renewing Pakistan: 1971-2005, The constitution of Pakistan, The political system of Pakistan, The election commission of Pakistan, Political groupings and alliances: issues and perspectives, The legislative process and interest groups, The population, education and economic dimensions of Pakistan, The national environment policy 2005,The children of Pakistan, The health sector of Pakistan, NGO’S and development, The information sector of Pakistan, Media as elements of national power, One globe: many worlds, The United Nations, Millennium development goals, The globalization: threats and responses, WTO, The European Union, Regional pacts, The Pakistan—India relationship, Dimensions of terrorism, Pakistan’s foreign policy, Globalization of media, Indigenization of media, Balancing public, interest and commercial interests, Citizens’ media and citizens’ media dialogue, Citizen media rights and responsibilities, Citizen participation in public service broadcasting, Media in the 21st century.