MCM404 : Globalization of Media

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Globalization of Media – MCM404 brings together three broad subjects; a) Aspects of National Affairs of Pakistan, b) Aspects of International Affairs c) Aspects of Globalization of Media. It is a very diverse course in which you will study everything from the importance of Pakistan as a nation state in the international community to the political system of the country. You will also be briefed about the constitution of Pakistan and the policies being adopted and practiced by the government in different sectors, the international and regional organizations and their role in international scenario, the concept of globalization and indigenization. At the end of the course you will study the citizens’ media role and responsibilities along with the importance of mass media in 21st century. All these concepts will help you in understanding and exploring the world of mass media and you will get a better view of what’s happening around and how the future can be shaped for the good of all.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Develop and maintain independent observation of various aspects of media including media ownership, management, control and content.
  • Sustain and strengthen the autonomy and capacity of citizens to view media from a public-interest perspective rather than being overwhelmed by media themselves.
  • Become citizens who are actively engaged in improving conditions through individual effort and by collective endeavour.

Course Calendar

The Unique Nature Of Pakistani Nation-State1Handouts1-9
Pakistan The First 11 year 1947-19582Handouts10-11
Pakistan: The first 11 years 1947-19583Handouts11-12
Roots of chaos: tiny acts or giant mis-steps?4Handouts13-15
Quiz No. 01
From new hopes to shattered dreams: 1958-19715Handouts16-18
Renewing Pakistan: 1971-20056Handouts19-20
Renewing Pakistan: 1971-20057Handouts21-27
The Constitution of Pakistan Part -I8Handouts28-29
Assignment No. 01
The Constitution of Pakistan Part -II9Handouts
The Political system of Pakistan10Handouts34-36
The Election Commission of Pakistan11Handouts37-39
Political groupings and alliances: issues and perspectives12Handouts40
The Legislative process and interest groups13Handouts41-43
The Population, education and economic dimensions of Pakistan14Handouts44-46
The National Environment Policy 2005 (I)15Handouts47-51
National Environmental Policy 2005 (II)16Handouts52-59
Quiz No. 02
The Children of Pakistan17Handouts60-63
The Health Sector Of Pakistan18Handouts64
NGOs and Development19Handouts65-66
The Information Sector of Pakistan20Handouts67-69
Media as elements of national power21Handouts70-75
Quiz No.3
One Globe – Many Worlds22Handouts76
The United Nations Part-I23Handouts77
The United Nations Part-II24Handouts78
Millennium Development Goals25Handouts79-81
Assignment 02
The globalization: threats and responses – Part-126Handouts82-83
The globalization: threats and responses – Part-227Handouts84
The European Union29Handouts86-88
Regional Pacts30Handouts89-94
The  Pakistan – India relationship33Handouts101-103
Dimensions of terrorism34Handouts104
Assignment no: 03
From violent conflicts to peaceful co-existence35Handouts105-108
Oil and beyond36Handouts109
Pakistan’s foreign policy37Handouts110
Emerging trends in International Affairs38Handouts111
Globalization of Media39Handouts112
Globalization and indigenization of media40Handouts113
Quiz no: 04
Balancing public interest and commercial interests41Handouts114
Citizens’ media and citizens’ media dialogue42Handouts115-120
Citizen media rights and responsibilities43Handouts121-127
Citizen participation in public service broadcasting44Handouts128-133
Media in 21st century45Handouts134
Final term Exams
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