MCM411 : Introduction to Broadcasting

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Mass Communication

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Mr. Shaukat Ali

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History of Broadcast, Classification of Programs, Current Affairs Programs, Types of Outdoor Broadcasting, Curtain Raiser, Radio Feature, Musical Programs of Radio, Radio Documentary, Disc Jockey, Voice in Broadcasting, Noise, Studio, Radio Drama, Advertisements -Income Generation, Advertiser’s Approach, FM - a new generation in Broadcasting, Microphone to Transmitter, Script Writing for Radio Broadcast, Interactive Broadcasting, History of Television, Pakistan Television (PTV) Broadcasting Laws, Replicas of Radio Broadcast, News Script Writing and Direction Techniques, Sets, Camera Shots – the visual language, Lights in Visual Broadcasting, Interior and Exterior, Broadcasting and Media Imperialism, Environment of TV Broadcast, Budget, Comparison of different Radio and TV formats, Current Affairs – from Radio to TV, Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production, TV advertisements, Enigma of more channels, Anchorperson, Comparison between radio and TV broadcast, Terrestrial to Satellite to Cable TV, Career in Broadcasting, Broadcasting Terminologies