MCM411 : Introduction to Broadcasting

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The course covers the following topics: classification of programs, currant affairs, radio feature, musical programmes, radio documentary, pre production, production and post production phase, lights in visual broadcasting, news script writing and direction techniques, camera shots, radio drama etc Students will be familiarized and exposed to the field of broadcasting by describing broadcast languages, sources of news, camera and tape recorder operations. This course introduces the students to the basic tools, techniques and vocabulary of broadcast journalism. It will also highlight the need and importance of broadcasting.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Distinguish the form and function of the broadcast industry.
  • Determine limitations and capabilities of the electronic media.
  • Identify job responsibilities of station personnel.
  • Perform basic production techniques, including editing and vocal work.
  • Evaluate the role of broadcasting as a news and entertainment medium.
  • Develop and produce documentaries, features and drama for electronic media.

Course Calendar

Classification of Programs2Handouts5
Current Affairs3Handouts8
Outdoor Broadcasting I4Handouts10
Outdoor Broadcasting II5Handouts12
Curtain Raiser6Handouts14
Radio Feature7Handouts16
Musical Programs8Handouts18
Radio Documentary9Handouts20
Quiz 1
Disc Jockey10Handouts22
Voice in Broadcasting11Handouts24
Assignment no: 01
Radio Drama I14Handouts30
Radio drama II15Handouts32
Advertisement – Income Generation16Handouts34
Advertiser’s Approach17Handouts36
FM – a new generation in broadcasting18Handouts39
Microphone to Transmitter19Handouts42
Writing Script for Radio Broadcast20Handouts45
Interactive Broadcasting21Handouts48
Grand Quiz
History of Television23Handouts56
Pakistan Television (PTV)24Handouts68
Broadcasting Laws25Handouts71
Replicas of Radio Broadcast26Handouts75
New Script Writing and Direction Techniques27Handouts78
Camera Shots – the visual language29Handouts84
Quiz no: 03
Lights in Visual Broadcasting30Handouts87
Interior and Exterior31Handouts90
Broadcasting and Media Imperialism32Handouts93
Environment of TV Broadcast33Handouts96
Comparison and contrast of different Radio and TV formats35Handouts102
Current Affairs – form Radio to TV36Handouts105
Production and Post-production38Handouts111
TV Advertisements – money with entertainment39Handouts114
Enigma of more channels40Handouts120
Comparison between Radio and TV Broadcast42Handouts127
Terrestrial to Satellite to Cable TV43Handouts131
Career in Broadcasting44Handouts134
Broadcasting Terminologies140
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