MCM511 : Theories of Communication

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Mass Communication

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Professor Dr. Bushra H. Rahman
Ph.D in Mass Communication
University of the Punjab

Course Contents

1 Communication 1 2 Theory, Paradigm and Model (I) 3 Theory, Paradigm and Model (II) 4 From Communication to Mass Communication 5 Normative Theories 6 Hutchins Commission on Freedom, Chicago School & Social Responsibility Theory 7 Civic Journalism, Development Media Theory & Democratic Participant Theory 8 Limitations of the Press Theory 9 McQuail's four kinds of theories 10 Propaganda Theories 11 Paradigm Shift & Two-step Flow of Information 12 Middle Range Theories 13 Klapper's Phenomenistic Theory 14 Diffusion of Innovation Theory 15 Challenging the Dominant Paradigm 16 Social Cognitive Theory 17 Modeling from Mass Media 18 Priming Effect 19 Cultivation of Perceptions of Social Reality 20 Systems Theories of Communication Processes 21 Emergence of Critical and Cultural Theories of Mass Communication 22 Recap 23 Critical Theories & Role of Mass Media in Society - The Mediation of Social Relations 24 Role of Mass Media in Social Order & Marxist Theory 25 Key Priniciples Used in Marxism 26 Consumer Society 27 Communication and Culture 28 Hegemony 29 Culture Industry 30 Political Economic Theory (I) 31 Political Economic Theory (II) 32 Political Economic Theory (III) 33 Agenda Setting Theory 34 Framing and Spiral of Silence 35 Spiral of Silence 36 Marshal McLuhan: The medium is the message and the massage 37 Knowledge Gap Theory 38 Media System Dependency Theory 39 Uses and Gratifications Theory 40 Reception Theory 41 Framing and Frame Analysis 42 Trends in Mass Communication (I) 43 Trends in Mass Communication (II) 44 Globalization and Media 45 Revision