MCM515 : Radio News Reporting & Production

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Mass Communication

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MCM101, MCM411


Mr. Ahmer Sohail Basra
M.A. - Mass Communication (T.V. Production & Advertising)
University of the Punjab Lahore

Course Contents

Radio – Historical Background, Radio Broadcasting, Objectives of broadcasting in Pakistan, Emergence of FM Broadcast, Distinction between AM & FM, Radio News and its values, Measuring the importance of news, Types of radio news, Sources of news, Reporting, Qualities of a successful news reporter, Factual Reporting, Interpretative Reporting, Investigative Reporting, Radio news glossary Interview and its types, Essentials of a good interview, Fundamentals of radio news writing, Essentials of a good newsreader, Production and Planning, Budgeting, Jargon of Production, Talk show, Discussion, Radio Feature, Radio Documentary, Radio Drama, Special Audience program, Sports and Music, Ethics and limitations of media.