MCM515 : Radio News Reporting & Production

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The proposed course intends to cover the following topics: news gathering and verifying, interviewing, news writing techniques and style; structuring stories; reporting speech and opinions; collecting evidence and data; selecting newsworthy topics; ethics and conventions; presenting copy. Practical aspects of reporting include: crime and courts; local government and state parliament; social issues such as health, education and the environment; entertainment and the arts; business and finance The proposed course is planned to provide students in-depth knowledge of radio as a tool of mass communication generally and an audio source of dissemination of news particularly with its authentic sound effects, brief and clear messages going through the phases of pre-production, production and post-production.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Have a mature level of appreciation of radio news, current affairs and documentary formats, structures and styles.
  • Demonstrate practical skills in news gathering and production for radio, including research and scriptwriting; interviewing and post-production editing, presentation and compilation.
  • Critically analyse broadcasting''''''''s social/ethical dimensions, and to its role as a mixed-genre of information and entertainment.

Course Calendar

What radio is1Handouts1-3
History of radio2Handouts4-8
Objectives of broadcasting in Pakistan3Handouts9-12
News Values I4Handouts13-15
News Values II5Handouts16-18
News values and elements of news6Handouts19-22
Measuring the importance of news & Types of News I7Handouts23-25
Types of news stories II8Handouts26-28
Types of news stories III9Handouts29-30
Quiz 1
Types of news stories IV10Handouts31-33
Types of news stories V11Handouts34-35
Types of news stories VI12Handouts36-37
Sources of news I13Handouts38-41
Sources of news II14Handouts42-43
Sources of news III15Handouts44-45
A successful radio reporter17Handouts49-51
Interpretative Reporting I18Handouts52-54
Interpretative Reporting II19Handouts55-57
Interpretative Reporting III20Handouts58-60
Investigative Reporting I21Handouts61-62
Investigative Reporting II22Handouts63-65
Grand Quiz (2) as Mid-term Exams
Types of interview23Handouts66-68
Essentials of good interview I24Handouts69-70
Essentials of good interview II25Handouts71-72
Radio news glossary26Handouts73-74
Fundamentals of news writing27Handouts75-76
Fundamentals of writing news for radio I28Handouts77-79
Fundamentals of writing news for radio II29Handouts80-81
Essentials of a newscaster30Handouts82-83
Quiz 03
Production and Planning31Handouts84-86
Producer and Budgeting32Handouts87-88
Jargons of Production33Handouts89-90
Types of Talk34Handouts91-93
Discussion I35Handouts94-95
Discussion II36Handouts96-98
Radio Feature37Handouts99-100
Radio Documentary38Handouts101-102
Special audience program40Handouts106-107
Sports Program41Handouts108-109
The Music I42Handouts110-111
The Music II43112-114
Ethics and limitations of media44Handouts115-116
Broadcasting Terminologies140
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