MCM604 : International Communication

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Mass Communication

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ENG201, MCM101, MCM301


Dr Zafar Iqbal
Post doc
University of Surrey

Course Contents

The historical context of international communication, Communication and empire, Advent of the popular media, The cold war-from communist propaganda to capitalist persuasion, International communication and development, Approaches to theorizing international communication, Cultural studies perspective on international communication, Theories of the information society, Discourses of globalization, A critical political-economy for the twenty-first century, Creating a global communication infrastructure, The privatization of telecommunication, Liberalization of the telecom sector, The world of telecommunication, Implication of a liberalized global communication regime, The global media marketplace, Convergence, Global trade in media products, Global news and information, network, Setting the global news agenda, Communication and cultural globalization, Concerns for cultural diversity, Regionalization and localization in the media market, Contra flow in global media, Seeing the big world on a small screen, Global culture’s discontent, Global counter flow of television, International communication in the internet age, The dawn of the internet age, From a ‘free flow of information’ to ‘free flow of commerce’ Case study: The Microsoft monopoly; The internet as political tool, Media actors and the NWICO, The Clash of Civilizations, Media and cultural imperialism, Media and foreign policy Role of media in the formulation of foreign policy, Muslim Portray On Western, Muslim Media on Western Media, International Communication in the Internet Age, International Communication – Continuity and Change