MCM610 : Mass Communication Law & Ethics

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Mass Communication

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Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal
Post doc
University of Surrey

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Ethics An Introduction, Essence and Purpose of Ethics, Theories of Ethics – I, Theories of Ethics – II, Sources of Ethics in Pakistan’s Society, Mass Media Ethics: need and scope, Islamic Codes of ethics, Ethical Problems: External & Internal pressures on media, Ethical problems: The violations of ethics in Pakistan (deadline and ethics, Ethical problems: Privacy, corruption, personal interests, etc, Codes of Ethics and Application: needs and bodies to frame ethics, International code of ethics: an introduction, Mass media code of ethics in Pakistan: History and critique, Ethics by the PFUJ, CPNE and other bodies, Ethical codes by PEMRA , Ethical codes by Press Council of Pakistan, Issues in Applications of Code of Ethics – Interviews, Media freedom: introduction, Defining the limits of media freedom, Absolute vs responsible freedom of media, Universal media laws: introduction, Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The Article 19, Evolution of press laws with special references to sub-continent and Pakistan, Constitutional provisions on freedom of expression in Pakistan, Provisions in the Major Laws: Defamation, Provisions in the Major Laws: Libel, Provisions in the Major Laws: Others, Special Laws: an overview of media laws, PEMRA Ordinance: introduction, PEMRA: Provisions on ethics, PEMRA: Legal Provisions / Issues, Press Council of Pakistan: History, Introduction and Constitution, Press Council of Pakistan: Ethical concerns, Press Council of Pakistan: How does it address the ethical issues?, In the Public Interest, Copy rights: issues and challenges, Contempt of court and mass media, Ethics, laws and emerging technologies, Pakistan’s Policies regarding: Teleport, IPTV, Cable TV, DTH, Landing Point, Temporary Unlinking, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority: Introduction, Mandate and functions, PTA: regulatory issues, implications of regulations,Broadband Policy, Licensing issues, Interconnect cost analysis, Analysis of settlement, Interconnect Strategies, Technological changes and their impact on the regulations and policies: The digital future, cable and satellite, digital TV , Case studies, the internet and cyberspace and need for universal legal and ethical framework, Dealing with issues of obscenity, other offensive content, economic aspects, privacy, encryption and access