BIO203 : Methods in Molecular Biology

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Molecular Biology

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Aleena Ahmad Khan
University of the Punjab

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Polymerase chain reaction Steps of PCR Ingredients of PCR Primers for PCR DNA polymerases Standard PCR reaction Interpretation of results Types of PCR Nested PCR Multiplex PCR Reverse transcriptase PCR Real time PCR Hot start PCR Asymmetric PCR Long PCR Allelic specific PCR Colony PCR In situ PCR Inverse PCR AFLP PCR Assembly PCR Suicide PCR Methylation specific PCR Inter sequence specific PCR Ligation mediated PCR Whole genome amplification PCR Mini primer PCR Advantages and limitations of PCR Applications of PCR Applications of PCR_2 PCR-Medicine PCR-Forensic sciences PCR-Agricultural sciences and environment PCR-Molecular paleontology Types of restriction and modification (R-M) system Nomenclature of restriction endonucleases Target sites of restriction endonucleases Number and size of restriction fragments Summary of restriction endonucleases DNA modifying enzymes Methods of joining DNA fragments DNA ligase to create covalent recombinant DNA Alkaline Phosphatase Blunt end ligation via linker molecules Adaptors Southern blotting Southern blotting procedure Southern blotting probes Transfer methods in southern blotting Mutations identification by southern blotting Northern blotting Northern blot applications Western blotting Western blotting procedure Applications of western blotting Difference between different blotting techniques Single nucleotide polymorphism -1 Single nucleotide polymorphism -2 How to detect SNPs SNPs screening SNPs haplotype DNA fingerprinting DNA profiling process Types of DNA fingerprinting methods_1 Types of DNA fingerprinting methods -2 Applications of DNA fingerprinting Making Antibodies (Polyclonal Antibodies) Monoclonal Antibodies Freezing Cells and Cell Banking Enzyme Immunosorbent Assays Triple Antibody Sandwich ELISA Double Antibody Sandwich ELISA Microscopy Immunofluorescent Microscopy Immunosorbent Electron Microscopy Electrophoresis of Proteins Electrophoresis of Nucleic Acid Chromatography Ion Exchange Chromatography