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PHY301 : Circuit Theory

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Dr.Tajammul Hussain, Mr.khalil Ahmad
PhD Nano Catalysts Engineering and Design
University of Manchester, UK

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System of units, Ohm''''s law, Types of circuits, Resistors-inductors-capacitors and their series parallel combinations, Current divider and voltage divider, Current and voltage sources, Kirchhoff''''s Laws, Nodal analysis, Loop or Mesh analysis, Superposition theorem, Source Transformation, Thevenin''''s Theorem, Norton''''s Theorem, Semiconductors, Doped semiconductor, Depletion region, PN Junction Diode, Terminal characteristics of the Junction diodes, Analysis of diode circuits, Transformers, Half wave and Full wave rectifier-Bridge rectifier, Clippers-Clampers-Filters, Diode Characteristic and Types, Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Characteristic of Transistor, Transistor in Circuits and its applications.