STA630 : Research Methods

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Probability & Statistics

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MTH302, STA301


Dr. Muhammad Anwar
Ph.D. in Sociology of Education & Educational Planning
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Course Contents

Introduction, Definition & Value of Research Scientific Method of Research & Its Special Features Classification of Research Theory and Research Concepts Variables and Types of Variables Hypothesis Testing and Characteristics Review of Literature Conducting a Systematic Literature Review Theoretical Framework Problem Definition & Research Proposal The Research Process Ethical Issues in Research Measurement of Concepts Criteria for Good Measurement Research Design Survey Research Intercept Interviews in Malls and other high-traffic area Self-Administered Questionnaire Tools for Data Collection Pilot Testing of the Questionnaire Interviewing Sample & Sampling Terminology Probability & Non-Probability Sampling Types of Probability Sampling Data Analysis Data Transformation Data Presentation The Parts of the Table Experimental Research Non-Reactive Research Use of Secondary Data Qualitative Research: Observation Studies/Field Research Historical Comparative Research Focus Group Discussion Report Writing Referencing