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PSY401 : Clinical Psychology

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PSY101, PSY404


Mr. Nauman Qureshi
Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology
Lakehead University, Ontario

Course Contents

Mental health today: a quick look of the picture, the skills & activities of a clinical psychologist, how a clinical psychologist thinks, historical overview of clinical psychology, how clinical psychologists became involved in treatment, models of training in clinical psychology, current issues in clinical psychology, ethical standards for clinical psychologists, the role of research in clinical psychology, the concept of abnormal behavior & mental illness, causes of mental illness: overview of etiology, the process of diagnosis, the concept of psychological assessment in clinical psychology, the clinical interview, the assessment of intelligence and intelligence tests, the use and abuse of psychological testing, the projective personality tests, the observational assessment and its types, the behavioral assessment through interviews, inventories and check lists, the process and accuracy of clinical judgment, methods of improving interpretation and judgment, psychological interventions and their goals, importance of psychotherapy, course of new clinical interventions, nature of specific therapeutic variables, the beginning of psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic alternatives, client centered therapy, gestalt therapy: methods and procedures, origins and traditional techniques of behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy: methods and procedures, family and couples therapy, introduction and history of community psychology, methods of intervention and change in community psychology, introduction and history of health psychology, applications of health psychology, neuropsychology: perspectives and history, methods of neurological assessment, forensic psychology, pediatric and child psychology: history and perspective, interventions & training in pediatric and child Psychology