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PSY401 : Clinical Psychology

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to provide an initial educational experience that introduces the student to and socializes the student with the field of clinical psychology. Course topics assure that the student understands critical issues in the professional activities of clinical psychologists, ethical standards, legal issues, issues related to clinical service delivery, professional social responsibility, and issues of diversity in clinical psychology. The course is also intended to assist to learn about the skills and activities of the clinical psychologists including different techniques and approaches towards assessment, diagnosis and treatment. This course also explores the etiological aspects of mental disorders, and portrays that how health and forensic psychology are interwoven with this field.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the students will:

  • Get exposed to the process of assessing such behavior and the most commonly used system for classifying psychological disorders
  • Be able to discuss several different theoretical perspectives to treat psychological disorders.
  • Acquaint with the research methods used and research findings on various psychological disorders and treatment approaches.
  • Be familiar with effective treatment approaches to different psychological disorders.
  • Be aware about the implication of clinical psychology in the field of health and forensic psychology.

Course Calendar

Mental health today a quick look of the picture!!1Handouts1-7
The skills & activities of a clinical psychologist2Handouts8-14
How a clinical psychologist thinks3Handouts15-21
Historical overview of clinical psychology4Handouts22-27
Roots of research & assessment in clinical psychology5Handouts28-32
How clinical psychologists became involved in treatment6Handouts33-39
Models of training in clinical psychology7Handouts40-45
Current issues in clinical psychology8Handouts46-57
Ethical standards for clinical psychologists9Handouts58-70
The role of research in clinical psychology10Handouts71-80
The research process11Handouts81-91
Assignment 01
The concept of abnormal behavior & mental illness12Handouts92-99
Causes of mental illness: overview of etiology13Handouts100-106
The process of diagnosis14Handouts107-115
The concept of psychological assessment in clinical psychology15Handouts116-125
Quiz No. 1
The clinical interview16Handouts126-134
The assessment of intelligence17Handouts135-140
Intelligence tests18Handouts141-149
The use and abuse of psychological testing19Handouts150-156
The projective personality tests20Handouts157-163
The observational assessment and its types21Handouts164-171
Behavioral assessment through interviews, inventories & check lists22Handouts172-178
Grand Quiz
The process and accuracy of clinical judgment23Handouts179-186
Methods of improving interpretation and judgment24Handouts187-194
Psychological interventions and their goals25Handouts195-200
Importance of psychotherapy26Handouts201-104
Quiz No. 2
Course of new clinical interventions27Handouts205-210
Nature of specific therapeutic variables28Handouts211-216
The beginning of psychoanalysis29Handouts217-224
Psychoanalytic alternatives30Handouts222-230
Graded Discussion Board
Client centered therapy31Handouts231-235
Gestalt Therapy32Handouts236-243
Origins and traditional techniques of behavior therapy33Handouts244-251
Cognitive behavioral therapy34Handouts252-257
Group therapy: methods and procedures35Handouts258-264
Family And Couples Therapy36Handouts265-269
Introductin and history of community psychology37Handouts270-275
Methods of intervention and change in community psychology38Handouts276-280
Introduction and history of health psychology39Handouts281-287
Applications of health psychology40Handouts288-292
Application and methods of neurological assessment41Handouts293-299
Methods of neurological assessment42Handouts300-306
Forensic psychology43Handouts307-313
Pediatric and child psychology: history and perspective44Handouts314-219
Interventions & training in pediatric and clinical child psychology45Handouts320-325
Final Term Examination
Disclaimer: This is a tentative plan for the semester. It can be changed if needed and students will be informed via announcement.
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