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PSY405 : Personality Psychology

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PSY101, SOC101


Prof. Dr. Talat Sohail
Ph.D, Psychology
Lahore College for Women University, Lahore

Course Contents

The nature of personality theory, Personality measurement, Main perspectives, Sigmund Freud: a psychoanalytic theory of personality., Theory of Carl Jung (analytical psychology), Alfred Adler (individual psychology), Karen Horney, Erik Eriksson, Sullivan’s interpersonal Theory, Constitutional psychology, Sheldon’s somatotype theory, Maslow’s theory, Rogers person centered approach, Kelly’s cognitive theory of personality theory, Gordon Allport: a trait theory of personality, Factor analytic trait theory by Raymand Cattell, Henry Murray’s personology, Albert Bandura’s social learning theory, The stimulus response theory of Dollard and Miller, Skinner’s theory of personality, Albert Ellis theory of personality, The grand perfect theory of personality, Perspectives or domains of personality psychology, Personality appraisal, Personality psychology: new directions in the discipline.