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PSY405 : Personality Psychology

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course basically focuses upon the need and importance of understanding personality. Students will come to know about different theories of personality, given by different psychologists from different schools of thought and an overall difference between all of the theories. It will also touch upon different strategies to personality measurement and a bird’s eye view on different causes of personality conflicts. It will differentiate between the old and modern concepts/approaches about personality on the basis of development and progressive work upon Personality Psychology. It also encompasses the grand perfect theory and domains of Personality Psychology.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Describe and explain the basic theories of personality.
  • Understand ancient towards modern and recent concepts about personality. How people think and work on personality assessment.
  • Evaluate different personality theories.
  • Understand and put into practice personality assessment.
  • Become aware of the development and different perspectives of personality.
  • Develop an understanding about their personalities.

Course Calendar

The Nature of Personality Theory1Handout1-7
Personality Measurement2Handout8-11
Main Perspectives3Handout12-16
Sigmund Freud: A Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality4Handout17-20
Instinct: What Motivates Human Behavior?5Handout21-24
Psychoanalytic Theory of Sigmund Freud6Handout25-29
Theory of Carl Jung (Analytical Psychology)7Handout30-31
The Psychological Types8Handout32-33
Alfred Adler (Individual Psychology)9Handout34-35
Quiz 01
Individual Psychology10Handout36-38
Karen Horney11Handout39-41
Adjustment To Basic Anxiety12Handout42-44
Erik Erikson (Continued)14Handout49-52
Assignment 01
Sullivan’s Interpersonal Theory (Continued)16Handout54-59
Constitutional Psychology17Handout60-63
Sheldon’s Somatotype Theory18Handout64-67
Maslow’s Theory (Continued)20Handout73-77
Quiz 02
Rogers Person Centered Approach21Handout78-81
Rogers Person Centered Approach (Continued)22Handout82-86
Midterm Exams
Rogers Person Centered Approach Continued)23Handout87-92
Kelly’s Cognitive Theory of Personality24Handout93-97
Core Concepts of George Kelly’s Cognitive Theory of Personality25Handout98-103
Gordon Allport: A Trait Theory of Personality26Handout104-107
Gordon Allport: A Trait Theory of Personality (Continued)27Handout108-113
Factor Analytic Trait Theory (Raymand Cattell)28Handout114-118
Factor Analytic Trait Theory (Raymand Cattell) (Continued)29Handout119-122
Assignment 02
Henry Murray’s Personology30Handout123-127
Henry Murray’s Personology (Continued)31Handout128-132
Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory32Handout133-136
Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory (Continued)33Handout137-142
Stimulus Response Theory of Dollard and Miller34Handout143-145
Stimulus Response Theory of Dollard and Miller (Continued)35Handout146-150
Graded Discussion Board
Skinner’s Theory of Personality36Handout151-154
Skinner’s Theory of Personality37Handout155-159
Albert Ellis'' Theory of Personality38Handout160-165
Quiz 04
The Grand Perfect Theory of Personality39Handout166-168
Perspectives or Domains of Personality Psychology40Handout169-172
Perspectives Or Domains of Personality Psychology (Continued)41Handout173-177
Perspectives Or Domains of Personality Psychology (Continued)42Handout178-182
Quiz 05
The Grand Theory of Personality43Handout183-190
Personality Appraisal44Handout191-199
Personality Psychology: New Directions in the Discipline45Handout200-206
Final term Exams
Disclaimer: This is a tentative plan for the semester. It can be changed if needed and students will be informed via announcement.
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