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PSY502 : History & Systems of Psychology

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Mr. Humair Hashmi
Masters in Psychology, specialization in Consumer Psychology
Towson State College, Baltimore, Md, USA

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Introduction, Ancient Philosophy/Psychology in the Sub Continent, Greek Thinkers, Psychology in the 5th to 12thCentury, Renaissance Associationists, Associationists & French Revolution, German Contribution, Industrial Revolution & Russian Contribution, Russian Contribution, Impact of physical sciences on Psychology, Structuralist school of Psychology, Functionalism, European Functionalists, Behaviorism, Neo Behaviorists, Gestalt Psychology & Dynamic Psychology, Historico evolutionary Psychology, Scientific look at Mental Disorders, Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalytic Movement, Carl Yung and Analytical Psychology, Alfred Adler and Individual Psychology, Neo Freudians, Humanistic Psychology, Modern trends in Psychological Treatment, Anti psychiatry Movement, Psychology in the Third World, Psychology in China and Pakistan, Psychology in the 21st Century.