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PSY502 : History & Systems of Psychology

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on the history of Psychology in different ages from ancient concept to the most modern structure. It encompasses the lives as well as the concepts of all those philosophers/psychologists who worked for the subject directly or indirectly including Greek thinkers, Muslim philosophers, Renaissance, Associationists, French Revolution, German contributions, Industrial Revolution, Russian contributions, and different schools of thought. It includes effects of physical science and scientific look to mental disorders. Modern trends in psychological treatment and anti psychiatry movement are also topics of discussion in the subject. It also touches upon Psychology in third world, in Pakistan and in 21st century which of course is a very important topic.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Describe and explain the basics of psychology.
  • Demonstrate ancient concepts about psychology.
  • Identify the spectacular work of different psychologists of the ancient as well as present times.
  • Understand the systems of psychology.
  • Become aware of the development of psychology in the world.
  • Identify the booming psychology in Pakistan.

Course Calendar

Ancient psychology in Sub-continent1Handouts2
Ancient Greek Philosophy/Psychology2Handouts2
Psychology in The 5th To 12th Century4Handouts8
Saint Augustine4Handouts8
Ibn-Rushd, Averroes5Handouts12
Rene Descartes6Handouts14
Thomas Hobbes7Handouts16
John Locke7Handouts17
David Hume8Handouts18
French Revolution8Handouts18
Denis Diderot8Handouts18
Auguste Comte8Handouts19
German Contribution9Handouts21
Wilhelm Liebniz9Handouts21
Immanuel Kant9Handouts21
Friedrich Hegel9Handouts21
Industrial Revolution10Handouts23
Russian Contributions10Handouts24
Ivan Sechenov10Handouts24
Ivan Pavlov11Handouts26
Assignment No.01
Vladimir Bekhterev12Handouts30
Impact of Physical Sciences on Psychology13Handouts31
Charles Darwin13Handouts31
Gustav Fechner13Handouts32
Structuralist School of Psychology14Handouts33
Wilhelm Wundt14Handouts33
Edward Bradford Titchner14Handouts34
American Functionalists15Handouts35
William James15Handouts36
John Dewey15Handouts37
European Functionalists16Handouts38
David Katz16Handouts38
Edgar Rubin16Handouts38
Jean Piaget16Handouts38
Edward Lee Thorndike17Handouts40
Quiz 01
Albert Weiss18Handouts42
Edwin Holt18Handouts42
Walter Hunter18Handouts43
Clark Hull20Handouts46
Edward Tolman20Handouts47
Edwin Gutherie20Handouts47
B.F. Skinner21Handouts48
Karl Lashley21Handouts48
Harvey Harlow21Handouts49
Hobart Mowrer21Handouts49
Gestalt Psychology22Handouts50
Max Wertheimer22Handouts50
Grand Quiz
Wolfgang Kohler23Handouts52
Mihály Csíkszentmihályi23Handouts53
Edward De Bono23Handouts54
Kurt Lewin24Handouts55
Dynamic Psychology24Handouts56
William Mcdougall24Handouts56
Historico-Evolutionary Psychology25Handouts58
Leon Vygotsky25Handouts58
Sergei Rubenstein25Handouts59
Alexei Leontiev26Handouts60
K.M Bykov27Handouts61
Philippe Pinel28Handouts64
Sameul Tuke28Handouts64
Franz Mesmer28Handouts64
James Braid28Handouts65
Jean Charcot28Handouts65
Sigmund Freud and The Psychoanalytic Movemen29Handouts66
Sigmund Freud29Handouts68
Anna Freud30Handouts69
Heinz Hartmann30Handouts69
Ernst Kris30Handouts69
Carl Jung and Analytical Psychology31Handouts70
Carl Gustav Jung32Handouts72
Graded Discussion Board
Alfred Adler and Individual Psychology33Handouts74
Alfred Adler33Handouts75
Harry Stack Sullivan34Handouts76
Karen Horney34Handouts77
Erich Fromm35Handouts79
Quiz 02
Erik Erikson36Handouts80
J.L. Moreno36Handouts81
Humanistic Psychology37Handouts82
Abraham Maslow37Handouts83
Carl Rogers37Handouts84
Modern Trends in Psychological Treatment38Handouts85
Psychological Approaches38Handouts85
Psychodynamic Methodologies38Handouts86
Behavioral Approach38Handouts86
Cognitive Therapy38Handouts86
Humanistic Approach39Handouts87
Biological Approaches39Handouts87
Anti-Psychiatry Movement40Handouts89
D.L. Rosenhan40Handouts89
R.D. Laing40Handouts89
Aaron Esterson40Handouts90
Psychology in The Third World41Handouts91
Psychology in China42Handouts93
Psychology in Pakistan42Handouts94
Psychology in the 21st century43Handouts95
Organizational/Industrial Psychology43Handouts95
Environmental Psychology43Handouts96
Consumer Psychology44Handouts97
Health Psychology44Handouts98
Sports Psychology45Handouts99
Positive Psychology45Handouts99
Final Term Examination
Disclaimer: This is a tentative plan for the semester. It can be changed if needed and students will be informed via announcement.
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