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PSY504 : Cognitive Psychology

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PSY101, PSY405


Dr. Asir Ajmal
Ph.D. in Psychology
Dartmouth College, Hanover NH, USA.

Course Contents

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology,The information processing approach,Cognitive neuro-psychology Information processing in visual cells,Visual sensory memory experiments (continued),Attention,Capacity models,Multimode theory,Automaticity,Automaticity ( judging frequency ),Pattern recognition,Feature analysis,Voice-onset time,Gestalt theory of perception,Object perception,Attention & pattern recognition,Neural networks,Effects of sentence context,Short term working memory,Working memory: an activation model Chunking,The nature of forgetting,Atkinson & shiffrin model,Long term memory,Interference,Recall versus recognition,Long term memory (forgotten memories),Representation of knowledge,Levels of categories,Schema theory,Psychological reality of scripts Applications for studying,Study methods,Mental imagery,Eidetic imagery,Language and thought,Cognitive development,Cognitive development .