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PSY510 : Organizational Psychology

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MGT502, PSY101, PSY403, PSY405


Humair Hashmi
Masters in Psychology
Towson State College, Baltimore, Md, USA.

Course Contents

Introduction to Organizational Psychology, Methodologies of Data Collection, Globalization, Defining the Culture, What Is Diversity? Ethics, Nature of Organizations, Organizational Culture, Changing Organizational Culture, Reward Systems: Pay, Reward Systems: Recognition and Benefits, Perception, Perceptual Defense, Attribution, Impression Management, Personality, Personality Assessment, Attitude, Job Satisfaction, Motivation, Theories of Motivation, Motivation across Cultures, Positive Psychology, Hope, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Efficacy, Communication, Decision Making, Participative Decision Making Techniques, Job Stress, Individual Stressors, Effects of Stress, Power and Politics, Groups and Teams, Dysfunctions of Groups, Job Design, Learning, OBMOD (Organizational Behavior Modification), Leadership Process Modern theories of leadership process, Great leaders: styles, activities and skills