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PSY510 : Organizational Psychology

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The structure of this course is designed to reflect two main learning objectives: a) Introduction to organizational Psychology and b) Familiarize the students from the topics and issues in Organizational Psychology. This course concentrates on how psychological knowledge and methods can be applied in organizational settings. Particular topics concern such matters as globalization, organizational structure and culture, job satisfaction, sensation and perception, motivation group behavior, leadership and participation and job stress.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to

  • Describe and explain the basics of Organizational psychology.
  • Demonstrate organizational structure, culture concepts about organizational psychology.
  • Discuss the impact of globalization on development of organizational psychology in the world.
  • know how to apply selected organizational psychological theories in the field and they are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of their application.
  • Analyze practical situations and research results against a theoretical background

Course Calendar

Introduction to Organizational Psychology1Handouts2-4
Methodologies of Data Collection2Handouts5-8
Defining the Culture4Handouts14-21
What Is Diversity?5Handouts22-27
Nature of Organizations Mini Project7Handouts33-38
Organizational Culture8Handouts39-42
Changing Organizational Culture9Handouts43-46
Reward Systems: Pay10Handouts47-50
Reward Systems: Recognition and Benefits11Handouts51-54
Assignment 01
Perceptual Defense13Handouts61-64
Impression Management15Handouts69-72
Personality Assessment17Handouts78-81
Job Satisfaction19Handouts87-90
Quiz 01
Theories of Motivation21Handouts95-98
Motivation across Cultures22Handouts99-103
Positive Psychology23Handouts104-108
Emotional Intelligence25Handouts114-118
Self Efficacy26Handouts119-123
Decision Making29Handouts135-138
Participative Decision Making Techniques30Handouts139-148
Job Stress31Handouts149-153
Individual Stressors32Handouts154-157
Effects of Stress33Handouts158-161
Power and Politics34Handouts162-165
Graded Discussion Board
Groups and Teams36Handouts170-174
Dysfunctions of Groups37Handouts175-178
Job Design I38Handouts179-182
Job Design II39Handouts183-187
Quiz No. 02
OBMOD (Organizational Behavior Modification)41Handouts194-198
Leadership Process42Handouts199-202
Modern theories of leadership process43Handouts203-206
Great leaders: styles, activities and skillsHandouts207-217
Final Term Examination
Disclaimer: This is a tentative plan for the semester. It can be changed if needed and students will be informed via announcement.
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