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PSY631 : Psychological Testing & Measurements

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Dr. Sarah Shahed
Ph .D in Psychology
Punjab University, Quaid-e-Azam University, University of Surrey U.K.

Course Contents

Psychological Assessment and Tests, Historical Background of Psychological Testing, Types of Tests and Their Significance, The Testing Process: Test Administration and Test Taking, Test Norms, Domain Referenced Test Interpretation, Test Construction, Item Writing, Reliability, Types of Reliability, Reliability in Specific Conditions and Allied Issues, Validity, Decision Theory, Threats to Validity and Related Issues, Item Analysis, Assessment of Intellectual and Cognitive Abilities, Measurement of Intelligence testing, Piagetian Approach: Measurement of Cognitive Development, Individual Tests of Ability for Specific Purposes, Group Testing, Specific Purposes Tests, Tests for Special Populations, Personality Testing, Objective / Structured Tests of Personality, Projective Personality Tests, Personality: Measurement of Interests and Attitudes, Locus of Control, Health and Self-efficacy, Alternate Approaches to Personality Assessment, Testing and Assessment in Health Psychology, Measuring Personal Characteristics for Job Placement, Achievement and Educational Tests, Multicultural Testing, Adaptive Testing and Other Issues, Social and Ethical Considerations in Testing, Assessment and Psychological Testing in Clinical & Counseling Settings