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PSY631 : Psychological Testing & Measurements

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course encompasses basic concepts of psychological measurement. Psychological Testing and Measurements focuses on creating an understanding of the basic concepts of psychological testing and major developments in the history of psychological testing. It is about the awareness of the steps and qualities required in construction of a good test, role of testing in counseling, clinical, organizational and educational setting and the tests applied on special population and how they differ from the tests applied on the normal population. The main focus of the course is on introducing essential terminology, theories, concepts, types of psychological tests, measurement procedures, socio-cultural variables affecting measurement, and modern trends. Practical application of knowledge, besides developing a know how of theoretical constructs, will be encouraged.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the relevance of psychological tests in contemporary society.
  • Analyze the various techniques, tests and practices used in various fields of psychology.
  • Summarize the importance of testing in making decision in relation to different fields.
  • Find the relationship of testing with our society.
  • Discuss various tests used in different fields of psychology.

Course Calendar

Psychological Assessment and Tests1Handouts1 – 3
Historical Background of Psychological Testing2,3Handouts4 – 11
Types of Tests and Their Significance4Handouts12 – 16
The Testing Process: Test Administration and Test Taking5Handouts16 – 19
Test Norms6Handouts20 – 30
Test Norms7,8Handouts20 – 30
Domain Referenced Test Interpretation9Handouts31 – 34
Test Construction10Handouts35 – 38
Item Writing11,12Handouts39 – 45
Quiz 01
Reliability13,14,15Handouts46 – 56
Assignment 01 (After Lecture 13)
Validity16,17,18Handouts57 – 64
Decision Theory19Handouts65 – 67
Threats to Validity and Related Issues20Handouts68 – 70
Item Analysis21Handouts71 – 74
Item Analysis I22Handouts75 -78
Grand quiz
Item Analysis II23
Assessment of Intellectual and Cognitive Abilities24Handouts79 – 82
Measurement of Intelligence25Handouts83 – 87
Intelligence Tests26Handouts88 – 90
Piagetian Approach: Measurement of Cognitive Development27Handouts91 – 95
Individual Tests of Ability for Specific Purposes28Handouts96 – 98
Group Testing29Handouts99 – 100
Specific Purposes Tests30Handouts101 – 103
Tests for Special Populations31Handouts104 – 106
Personality Testing32Handouts107 – 108
Quiz 02
Objective / Structured Tests of Personality33Handouts109 – 111
Projective Personality Tests34Handouts112 – 114
Personality: Measurement of Interests and Attitudes35Handouts115 – 118
Measurement of Attitudes, Opinions, Locus of Control, Health and Self-efficacy36Handouts119 – 121
Alternate Approaches to Personality Assessment37Handouts122 – 124
Testing and Assessment in Health Psychology38Handouts125 – 127
Graded Discussion board
Measuring Personal Characteristics for Job Placement39Handouts128
Achievement and Educational Tests40Handouts129 – 131
Multicultural Testing41Handouts132-134
Adaptive Testing and Other Issues42Handouts135 – 136
Social and Ethical Considerations in Testing43Handouts137 – 139
Assessment and Psychological Testing in Clinical & Counseling Settings44Handouts140 – 141
Overview of the Course45Handouts142 –145
Final Term Exam
Disclaimer: This is a tentative plan for the semester. It can be changed if needed and students will be informed via announcement.
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