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SOC403 : Gender Studies

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Dr. Sarah Shahed
Ph .D in Psychology

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Gender Studies: An Introduction, Sociological Perspectives on Gender, Gender: Key Concepts, Gender Studies: Historical Background, Branches of Feminism, Feminism, and Feminism Movements, Feminism: Related Approaches, Development of Gender Roles, Agents of Socialization, Gendered Language Usage, Gender and Family Relations, Men and Masculinity, Gendered Violence, The Men's Movement, Gender and Development: Concept of Development, Development Paradigm, Development and Gender Equality The Role of Non-Government Organizations, UNO and other Conference in Gender Development, Women, Globalization, and Development, Gender, Work and Development , Family, and Workplace, Women, Labor Force, and Professions, Women and Business, Human Rights, Women's Rights as Human Rights, Global Commitments on Human Rights, Women's Right, International Agreements on Women's Rights, Gender and Politics, Gender and Third World Politics, Women's Role in Politics of Pakistan, Gender and Health Gender, Health and Violence, Gender and Education, Gender and Media, Gender and Population