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ZOO504 : Wildlife

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Dr. Muddasir Hassan Abbasi
University of the Punjab, Lahore

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Wildlife-introduction, Importance, Gene bank, Plant propogation, Ecological cleaning, Economic importance, Scientific importance, Terminologies i, Terminologies ii, Terminologies iii, Terminologies iv, Aesthetic and recreational value, Commercial value, Game value, Cultural value, Ecological value, Scientific value, Predation, Carrier of diseases, Destruction, Persecution, Habitat destruction, Pollution, Study and improvement of habitat, Preservation of habitat, Wildlife census, Wildlife legislation, Wildlife education, Wildlife veterinary, Wildlife awareness, Establishment of wildlife protected areas, Involvement of international agencies, List wildlife agencies., WWF, IUCN, SSC, SSC ii, C.I.T.E.S, CITES II 2, IRDCP, IWC1, List of acts, Ordinance I, Ordinance II, Ordinance III, Ordinance IV, Ordinance V, Concept of protected areas., Category Ia and concept., Category Ib, Categories II, Category III, Category IV, Category vi, Category VI, Concept of national park, General rules of national park, List of national parks, Kirthar, Lal suhanra, Chingi, Hazarganji, Ayubia-1, Khunjerab, Margalla hills, Chitral gol, Hingol national park, Wildlife sanctuaries, General rules of game reserve, List of wildlife sanctuaries, Astore wildlife sanctuary, Baltistan wildlife sanctuary, Cholistan wildlife sanctuary, Hub, Chasma, Kutch of wildlife sanctuary, Game reserve concept, General rules of game reserve., List of game reserve, Tooshi game reserve., Sukkur and gaddu barrage, Kilik mintaka game reserve, Ramsar history and concept, Definition of wetlands, Importance of wetlands, Criteria, Ramsar sites of pakistan, Introduction, Industrial t wetland, Invasive species, Pollution 2, Climatic change 3, Vegetation, Dams, Zoo history, Zoo history II, Objectives, Categories, General rules, Administrative pattern, Enclosure, Hygiene & feeding, Animal care, Vet services, Breeding of the animals, Maintainence of record., Education and research, Visitors facilities, Planing and development, Categories i, Measures to save ED sp, List of endangered sp of pakaistan, Snow leopard, Snow leopard (2), Snow leopard (3), Striped hyanea, Striped hyanea 1, Sand dune cat, Sand dune cat distribution, Sand dune cat threats and conservation, Panther, Panther II, Panther distribution, Wild ass, Wild ass distribution, Marco polo sheep, Marco polo sheep distribution, Indian bustrad des, Great indian butard distribution, Indus dolphin (1), Indus dolphin distribution, Saker falcon des., Saker distribution, Wolly squral des, Indian pangolin des, Indian pangolin threats, Hig deer des, Hod deer threats, Kashmir flying catecher, Indian spotted eagle, Spotted eagle threats, Egyptiann fruit eagle, Egyptian fruit eagle beha threatrs, Indian vulture des, Indian vulture threats, Concept ,definitions, Objectives., Multidisc.apparoch, Pre project, Planning prep, Post release., Leopard cat, Leopard cat threats, Jungle cat, Jungle cat -2, Red lynx cat 1, Red lynx cat, Fishing cat, Rhesus monkey, Brown bear, Brown bear 2, Black bear, Black bear -2, Cheetal, Barking deer, Musk deer, Kashmir stag, Wild sheep, Urial and species, Ovis o.punj., Wild goats, Types of goats naemorhedus, Hemitragus & pseudois, Capra, Capra hircus, Capra ibex & falconeri, Antelopes, Nilgai, Chinkara, Black buck, Foxes, Hyaenas, Wild dogs, Wolf, Civets, Martens, Badgers, Otters, Common peafowl, Common peafowl - distribution, Cheer, Cheer - 2, Koklass, Monal, Monal - 2, Chukor, Chukor - 2, Trangopan, Trangopan - 2, Houbara bustard, Kingfisher.