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ENG201 : Business and Technical English Writing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on enhancing learners’ abilities to communicate effectively in diverse business situations by improving written and oral communication skills. To equip the learners with the essentials of Business and Technical English Writing, the course has been designed with the following objectives: to identify and address the needs for effective communication by developing communicative skills among learners; to sharpen learners’ abilities to communicate in persuasive, clear and concise manner; to plan and organize effective written messages and present them in an appropriate form; to enhance students’ understanding of different business concepts and techniques; to learn oral communication and forms of written communication: Resumes, Letters, Memos, Reports, Proposals, Applications, and Instructions, Specification of Documents etc.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you would be able to:

  • demonstrate Oral Communication
  • analyse the audience
  • apply Seven C’s of Communication in written messages
  • plan business messages, reports, proposals, memos and empirical research
  • implement Visual Aids in presentations
  • know how to avoid common writing problems
  • put the features of punctuation into practice
  • interact with Authentic Materials in order to learn and apply the Business Concepts
  • communicate clearly and concisely in diverse business situations

Course Calendar

Introduction of Business and Technical English1Handouts5-10
Oral Communication2Handouts11-17
Reader-Centered Writing3Handouts18-24
Audience Analysis4Handouts25-26
Effective Communication5Handouts27- 30
Defining Objectives6Handouts31- 37
Accuracy, Clarity, Conciseness and Coherence7Handouts38- 43
The Seven C’s of Effective Communication I8Handouts44- 48
The Seven C’s of Effective Communication II9Handouts49- 51
The Seven C’s of Effective Communication III10Handouts52- 56
The Seven C’s of Effective Communication11Handouts57- 61
Quiz No. 1
Planning Business Messages12Handouts62-66
Composing Business Messages13Handouts67-72
Revising Business Messages14Handouts73-78
Memorandums, Meeting Documents and Proposals15Handouts79-81
Assignment No. 1
Writing Direct Requests18Handouts86-89
Quiz No.2
Writing Routine, Good-News and Goodwill Messages19Handouts93-95
Writing Bad-News Messages20Handouts96-98
Writing Persuasive Messages21Handouts99-101
Writing Short Reports22Handouts102-106
Midterm Exam
Planning Long Reports23Handouts107-110
Writing Long Reports24Handouts111-113
General Reports25Handouts114-115
Empirical Research Report26Handouts116-121
Feasibility Reports27Handouts122-126
Progress Reports28Handouts127-131
Graded Discussion Board
Using Visual Aids31Handouts144-146
Creating Twelve Types of Visual Aids32Handouts147-150
Quiz No.3
Writing Specifications and Analysis Reports33Handouts151-154
How to Avoid Common Writing Problems34Handouts155-157
Language Review: The Paragraph35Handouts158-165
Assignment No.2
Language Review: SentencesHandouts166-171
Language Review: Words and PunctuationHandouts172-181
Language Review: Mechanics40Handouts182-186
Listening and Interviewing41Handouts187-190
Planning Interviews and Conducting Meetings42Handouts191-196
Quiz No.4
Giving Speeches and Oral Presentations43Handouts197-202
Giving Speeches and Oral Presentations44Handouts203-208
Review Written Communication45Handouts209-218
Final Term Exam
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