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ENG507 : Phonetics and Phonology

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Teaching of English speech sounds is a challenge for new and experienced teachers. It involves a minefield of technical knowledge and confusion over accents and varieties of English. In order to understand the different levels at which we can view the sounds of English, we need a more informed range of teaching choices depending on our purposes, and those of our students. Keeping these needs in view, this course (Phonetics and Phonology ENG507) has been designed to cover all fundamental aspects related to speech production, transmission, and reception. The course will familiarize students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the field. Major components of the course include consonant and vowel production in Received Pronunciation (RP) and General American (GA), major phonetics and phonological theories, phonetic transcription, characteristics of vowel and consonant sounds, supra-segmental features (intonation, stress, etc.), syllabification and the use of PRAAT software.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • understand how human sound is produced.
  • know the physical properties of human sound.
  • learn about the supra-segmental features and the features of connected speech.
  • have a greater awareness of IPA symbols and transcription of any kind of English text.
  • draw conclusions and application for human sounds within a particular language.
  • prepare themselves for more advanced level course in Experimental Phonology for their detailed future research work.
  • efficiently use modern software (PRAAT) for speech analysis.

Course Calendar

Introduction to the Course-I (Topics 1 to 6)1Handouts2-6
Introduction to the Course-II (Topics 7 to 12)2Handouts7-10
Introduction to Key Concepts in Phonetics and Phonology (P&P)-I (Topics 13 to 18)3Handouts11-12
Introduction to Key Concepts in Phonetics and Phonology (P&P)-II (Topics 19 to 24)4Handouts13-14
Articulatory Phonetics-II (Topics 25 to 31)5Handouts15-17
Articulatory Phonetics-III (Topics 32 to 36)6Handouts18-20
Phonemic and Phonetic Transcription-I (Topics 37 to 42)7Handouts21-23
Phonemic and Phonetic Transcription-II (Topics 43 to 48)8Handouts24- 25
Phonemic and Phonetic Transcription-III (Topics 49 to 53)9Handouts26- 29
Quiz No. 1
The Consonants of English-I (Topics 54 to 59)10Handouts30-35
The Consonants of English-II (Topics 60 to 64)11Handouts36-39
The Consonants of English-III (Topics 65 to 69)12Handouts40-42
English Vowels-I (Topics 70 to 73)13Handouts43-46
English Vowels-II (Topics 74 to 76)14Handouts47-50
English Vowels-III (Topics 77 to 79)15Handouts51-56
English Words and Sentences-I (Topics 80 to 84)16Handouts57-68
English Words and Sentences-II (Topics 85 to 89)17Handouts69-74
Airstream Mechanisms (Topics 90 to 94)18Handouts75-79
Phonation (Topics 95 to 99)19Handouts80-84
Voice Onset Time (VOT) (Topics 100 to 103)20Handouts85-94
Grand Quiz
Consonantal Gestures-I (Topics 104 to 109)21Handouts95-102
Consonantal Gestures-II (Topics 110 to 113)22Handouts103-106
Acoustic Phonetics-I (Topics 114 to 119)23Handouts107-112
Acoustic Phonetics-II (Topics 120 to 125)24Handouts113-117
Acoustic Phonetics-III (Topics 126 to 130)25Handouts118-125
Vowels and Vowel-Like Articulations-I (Topics 131 to 134)26Handouts126-129
Vowels and Vowel-Like Articulations-II (Topics 135 to 139)27Handouts130-135
Vowels and Vowel-Like Articulations-III (Topics 140 to 145)28Handouts136-140
Suprasegmental Features-I (Topics 146 to 151)29Handouts141-146
Suprasegmental Features-II (Topics 152 to 156)30Handouts147-151
Suprasegmental Features-III (Topics 157 to 160)31Handouts152-157
Linguistics Phonetics-I (Topics 161 to 165)32Handouts83-84
Linguistic Phonetics-II (Topics 166 to 170)33Handouts163-171
Linguistic Phonetics-III (Topics 171 to 175)34Handouts172-176
Syllabic Templates and Syllabification (Topics 176 to 179)35Handouts177-186
Using PRAAT-I (Topics 180 to 185)36Handouts187-195
Using PRAAT-II (Topics 186 to 190)37Handouts196-200
Using PRAAT-III (Topics 191 to 194)38Handouts201-207
Quiz No.2
Using PRAAT-IV (Topics 195 to 197)39Handouts103-104
Using PRAAT-V (Topics 198 to 199)40Handouts214-220
Further Areas of Study in P&P [Future Research Areas] (Topics 200 to 204)41Handouts221-226
The Pedagogy of Phonetics and Phonology (Topics 205 to 209)42Handouts227-241
Final Term Exam
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