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ENG509 : Morphology and Syntax

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Learning English means acquiring certain skills such as having good vocabulary awareness, being competent at reading, writing a variety of papers, listening and speaking. Morphology and Syntax, as a subject, holds much significance in English Language teaching since it aims to produce linguistically correct and able speakers or users of English. Morphology concerns the representation of words and the units of which words are composed i.e. morphemes whereas syntax refers to the rules that govern the ways in which words combine to form phrases, clauses, and sentences. Thus, the course aims to enable students to explore the theoretical as well as underlying principles that govern English language. The contents of this course include a comprehensive introduction to morphology, morphological structures and their derivations, derivation and semantics, morphological productivity and the mental lexicon, relationship between morphology and psycholinguistics, introduction to syntax, universal grammar, major research issues and pedagogy of morphology and syntax.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students would be able to:

  • understand the subtle difference between morphology and syntax.
  • comprehend the forms of words, and the ways in which words are related to other words of the same language.
  • detect the changes of word clauses, understand vocabulary and know the word origins.
  • know the ways in which words are put together in sentences to form meaningful structures.
  • differentiate among the concepts of head- movement, wh-movement and A-movement.
  • explore key research themes and their implications in morphology and syntax.
  • devise helpful strategies and techniques for the pedagogy of morphology and syntax.

Course Calendar

What is Morphology? (Topics 1 to 6)1Handouts
Words and Lexemes (Topics 6 to 12)2Handouts
Morphology and Phonology I (Topics 13 to 18)3Handouts
Derivation and the Lexicon (Topics 19 to 24)4Handouts
Words & its Forms: Inflections (Topics 25 to 30)5Handouts
Words & Its Relatives: Derivation: I (Topics 31 to 36)6Handouts
Words & Its Relatives: Derivation: II (Topics 37 to 42)7Handouts
Morphological Structures (Topics 43 to 48)8Handouts
Derivation and Semantics (Topics 49 to 54)9Handouts
Quiz No. I
Inflections (Topics 55 to 60)10Handouts
Lexical Source of English Word Formation (Topics 61 to 66)11Handouts
Morphological Productivity and the Mental Lexicon (Topics 67 to 72)12Handouts
Morphology and Syntax (Topics 73 to 78)13Handouts
Morphology and Psycholinguistics (Topics 79 to 84)14Handouts
Morphology and Language Change (Topics 85 to 90)15Handouts
Traditional Grammar: Categories & Functions (Topics 91 to 96)16Handouts
What is Syntax? (Topics 97 to 102)17Handouts
Universal Grammar (Topics 103 to 108)18Handouts
Sentence Presenting (Topics 109 to 114)19Handouts
Constituency Tests (Topics 115 to 120)20Handouts
Constituents I: Words Order (Topics 121 to 126)21Handouts
Constituents II: Phrases I (Topics 127 to 132)22Handouts
Grand Quiz
Further Phrases (Topics 133 to 138)23Handouts
Grammatical Functions of the Verb & Its Complements (Topics 139 to 144)24Handouts
Grammatical Function II (Topics 145 to 148)25Handouts
Null Constituents I (Topics 149 to 154)26Handouts
Null Constituents II (Topics 155 to 160)27Handouts
Null Constituents III (Topics 161 to 166)28Handouts
Head Movement I (Topics 167 to 172)29Handouts
Head Movement II (Topics 173 to 178)30Handouts
Head Movement III (Topics 179 to 184)31Handouts
Wh-movement I (Topics 185 to 190)32Handouts
Wh-movement II (Topics 191 to 196)33Handouts
Wh-movement III (Topics 197 to 204)34Handouts
Wh-movement & A-movement (Topics 205 to 210)35Handouts
A-movement I (Topics 211 to 216)36Handouts
A-movement II (Topics 217 to 222)37Handouts
Agreement, case and A-movement I (Topics 223 to 228)38Handouts
Agreement, case and A-movement II (Topics 229 to 234)39Handouts
Post Mid Quiz
Split projections I (Topics 235 to 240)40Handouts
Split projections II (Topics 241 to 245)41Handouts
Phases I (Topics 246 to 251)42Handouts
Phases II (Topics 252 to 257)43Handouts
Key Research Themes in Morphology (Topics 258 to 263)44Handouts
Research Issues of the Field of Syntax (Topics 263 to 270)45Handouts
Final Term Exam
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