EDU402 : Curriculum Development

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course is intended to orient the prospective teachers about the principle, process and procedure of curriculum design and development. The students will be informed about various foundations on which the curriculum is based, defining the objectives, selection of content, its scope and outcomes, teaching strategies, curriculum evaluation, design of instructional materials. This course will also include various factors that affect the process of curriculum development and implementation. Prospective teachers will be provided exposure to various curriculum development models and theories to enhance their understanding.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • understand the meaning of curriculum;
  • select and organize the curriculum content in accordance with the learning outcomes;
  • identify instructional strategies relating to learning out comes.
  • develop and justify a model of curriculum development;
  • to assess their own syllabus along standards of good curriculum design;

Course Calendar

Introduction to Curriculum (Topic 1-7)1
Purpose and Scope of Curriculum (Topic 8-12)2
Curriculum Domains (Topic 13-21)3
Foundations of Curriculum I (Topic 22-31)4
Foundations of Curriculum II (Topic 32-38)5
Types of Curriculum (Topic 39-43)6
Paradigms of Curriculum (Topic 44-48)7
Social Diagnosis for Curriculum Development I (Topic 49-54)8
Social Diagnosis for Curriculum Development II (Topic 55-59)9
Quiz No. I
Culture and the Curriculum I (Topic 60-63)10
Culture and the Curriculum II (Topic 64-69)11
Social Stratification of Communities (Topic 70-75)12
Assignment No. 1
Community Changes and Curriculum (Topic 76-78)13
Educational Purposes and School I (Topic 79-83)14
Educational Purposes and School II (Topic 84-87)15
Educational Purposes and School III 9Topic 88-92)16
Educational Purposes and School IV (Topic 93-99)17
Quiz No. 2
Educational Purposes and School V (Topic 100-106)18
Educational Purposes and School VI (Topic 107-112)19
Educational Purposes and School VII (Topic 113-118)20
Educational Purposes and School VIII (Topic 119-124)21
Educational Purposes and School IX (Topic 125-130)22
Mid Term Exam
Ways of Stating Objectives (Topic 131-134)23
Introduction to Learning Experiences (Topic135-138)24
Principles of LE’s (Topic 139-142)25
Lessons for Curriculum Developers (Topic 143-146)26
Lessons for Curriculum Developers …. Cont. (Topic 147-150)27
LE’s Organization I (Topic151 -157)28
LE’s Organization II (Topic 158-165)29
Assignmnet No. 2
LE’s Organization III (Topic 166-168)30
Organizing Process (Topic 169-173)31
Source Plan I (Topic 174-176)32
Source Plan II (Topic 177-180)33
LEs Evaluation I (Topic 181-183)34
Quiz No. III
LEs Evaluation II (Topic 184-185)35
LEs Evaluation III (Topic 186-188)36
Steps for LEs Evaluation (Topic 189-191)37
Developing Evaluation Instruments (Topic 192-195)38
Using Results of Evaluation (Topic 196-200)39
Quiz No. IV
Curriculum Building I (Topic 201-204)40
Curriculum Building II (Topic 205-209)41
Learning Theories – Operation in Tyler’s Model (Topic 210-213)42
Taxonomy of Objectives (Topic214-215)43
Curriculum Designs (Topic 216-219)44
Operationalizing the Curriculum Development Process (Topic 220-222)45
Final Term Exam
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